Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Offers New Terrors and Thrills This Halloween Season

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The Shining

Scenes from Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo by David Sprague

Description: Welcome to The Overlook Hotel, a sprawling yet isolated century old hotel with a tragic history of murder and madness. Jack Torrance, a man with a troubled past, has agreed to be the caretaker for The Overlook Hotel during the harsh Colorado winter and has moved his family into the shuttered hotel. But as soon as the Torrance family takes up residence in the hotel, Jack begins to undergo a startling change… a descent into madness that will put his family in grave danger.

Unbeknownst to Jack, his young son, Danny is imbued with a dark gift – the ability to see events and people, both past and future, that others can’t see. A gift called “The Shining.” Danny’s nightmarish visions will help to unlock the mysteries of the haunted hotel and allow the horrifying, true nature of the Overlook to reveal itself.

My Thoughts: Out of all the houses at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, The Shining maze was the one that I was looking forward to the most. As a fan of Stephen King, I couldn’t wait to see one of his most famous stories come to life in the form of a haunted maze. To say I was not let down would be an understatement as the design was as if you had walked onto the set of the film. As for scares, there weren’t too many that got me, but I was fine with that because I was completely enamored by the design.

Stephen King has notoriously said that he doesn’t want his books made into haunts, which is a damn shame because some of his stories would make incredible haunts. The only reason this was able to happen was because King doesn’t own the right to The Shining anymore. Regardless, this is one of the best designed mazes of the event and one that you will not want to miss!