Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Offers New Terrors and Thrills This Halloween Season

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Titans of Terror Tram: Hosted by Chucky

Photo by Shannon McGrew

Description: Taking terror to an unspeakable level of bloodcurdling screams, The Titans of Terror Tram Hosted by Chucky will transport guests into a nightmare of carnage pitting you against these four modern horror icons, this time led by infamous serial killer doll Chucky (Child’s Play franchise). With his faithful army of degenerate chainsaw-wielding Good Guy Dolls, Chucky will unleash havoc upon guests as they navigate a portion of the world-famous backlot.

My Thoughts: I have yet to be blown away by the terror tram, but this year, I thoroughly enjoyed the Titans of Terror Tram, especially since it was hosted by the one and only, Chucky. Last year was a bit of a chaotic mess with issues specifically on the overall theme and crowd control. This year the creative team seemed to get some of that under control by breaking up each section of the terror tram experience with a slasher icon.

Dr. Seuss land was devoted to our favorite killer doll, Chucky, while the Bates Motel area was expertly crafted to house Jason Voorhees, and War of the World was home to Freddy Krueger, with Leatherface being the transitional scenes between each. Though there was still some issues with the crowd control towards the end of the experience, which is something I’m not sure how they will be able to fix, the overall experience was MUCH more cohesive than in year’s past.