Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Offers New Terrors and Thrills This Halloween Season

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Urban Inferno

Photo by Shannon McGrew

Description: Take your chances as you journey through Hell, where you will encounter Burnt Lost Souls, Half-Goat Executioners, Mad Monks, Blacksmiths forging the chains of Purgatory and Satanic demons including the towering King and Queen.

My Thoughts: I loved, loved, loved this scare zone!! Situated towards the backlot before Ash vs. Evil Dead, SAW, and AHS, this scare zone had the perfect amount of scares, screaming, and carnage! It had everything from the King of Demons to newborn baby demons, possessing all those who cross their path in the most deadly of ways.


Photo by Shannon McGrew

Description: It’s trick or treating time in the big city in the worst possible way. Witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and undead children have come out in droves to roam New York Street in celebration of Halloween. Be careful of stacks of jack-o-lanterns – they may be human heads.

My Thoughts: Though I enjoyed the Satanic Panic of Urban Inferno, I was OBSESSED with the design of Hell-O-Ween. Combining the darker side of Halloween, this scare zone had roaming pumpkin people, sinister witches, Nosferatu, and more. Towards the end of the evening I took some time to sit and watch the scare actors interact with guests and it was pure entertainment. I highly suggest spending time in this area to see all the glorious Halloween tricks that unfold.

Toxic Tunnel

Description: Utility workers were doing repairs inside the tunnel and accidentally burst a pipe with toxic gas. Hazmat teams were called in, but everyone has been infected by the gas and turned into zombie-like subhumanoids (as usually happens in this sort of situation). You just need to get past the crazed workers before the toxic gas turns you into a subhuman.

My Thoughts: This was the only scare zone that I didn’t get to go through. However, if last year’s Purge inspired tunnel was any indication of what to expect this year, I can only imagine the insanity that spewed forth from this tunnel of doom!