Bruce Campbell: Five steps to success and the new Hollywood icons


In a recent interview, Bruce Campbell deployed his trademark wit when he shared his five steps to success in showbiz. As it turns out the King of the B Movies also has some definite opinions on who the next icons of Hollywood are.

“Hollywood has become hopelessly chained to the bottom line.”  – Bruce Campbell

So, You Want a Career in Show Business

Bruce Campbell was recently in Austin, Texas to promote his bestselling memoir, Hail to the Chin. He also appeared at a thirtieth anniversary of Evil Dead II event coordinated by SYFY and Alamo Drafthouse at the Music Ranch.

In an entertaining interview with Aaron Sagers, he recounted his five steps to success in showbusiness. Unfortunately, steps one and five I frequently have to answer whenever I try to explain Ash vs. Evil Dead or Bubba Ho-Tep to the uninitiated. The remaining steps may or may not come into play depending upon the circumstances and the people involved.

From the man himself, here are the keys to victory in Tinseltown:

  1. Who is Bruce Campbell?
  2. Get me Bruce Campbell
  3. Get me a Bruce Campbell type (because you may be too expensive)
  4. Get me a young Bruce Campbell
  5. Who is Bruce Campbell?

The New Hollywood Icons

An interesting fact about Bruce for those fans that may not know it, he enjoys reading celebrity biographies. As a result, he knows quite a bit of trivia about his chosen profession.

When Aaron Sagers asked him, what would classic silver screen idol, Douglas Fairbanks look like today in the world of sci-fi superheroes, Campbell had an intriguing answer.

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“Iron Man. Robert Downey, Jr. is one of the most sought-after actors, highest paid on top of it, so he would be our current Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.”

Sagers even suggested that Campbell could be the modern-day Robert Mitchum. He remarked that Bruce dressed well and that he was a gentleman. Even going far enough to compare Mitchum and Campbell’s strong jaw lines and the fact that they both have a rugged dignity to them.

Here was Bruce’s response to how do we bring back that gentleman status in 2017. “Don’t forget when Robert Mitchum was tired of doing a scene, he would wreck the set with his bare hands so they wouldn’t reshoot it. He was beyond a rugged fellow. I think he punched multiple directors, he may have been punched a couple of times. There was a lot more punching back then.”

In a shocking statement, Bruce went on to say that Adam Sandler is the new Robert Mitchum. His rationale, “He is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable, why wouldn’t he have a forty-seven-year deal with Netflix? Everybody rents his movies. He’s Robert Mitchum.”

I don’t see that comparison but let’s go with it. Personally, I would compare Sandler to Gene Hackman or Michael Caine. He never met a script he didn’t like.

My Name Is……

There you have it. Hysterically funny commentary as only Mr. Campbell can give peppered with advice. If you want your movie to be successful, Hollywood, you know who to call. His name is Bruce.

Would you like to see Bruce in person? Well, you can! Go to for itinerary information for his Hail to the Chin book tour. If you are a fan of his and you haven’t purchased his book yet, get thee to and do so today! For a daily dose of Campbell, follow him on Twitter @GroovyBruce.

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What do you think of Bruce’s rules for Hollywood success? Do you agree with his new Hollywood icons? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!