Jeepers Creepers: Five reasons the original is a gory underrated gem

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With Jeepers Creepers 3 having its premiere today, a lot of people are talking about The Creeper…Here are five reasons his original terror is underrated.

— Courtesy of United Artists

Making his glorious return after almost 15 years, The Creeper is back for more body parts today. Having a one-day premiere, the long-awaited Jeepers Creepers 3 is exploding onto cinema screens everywhere and excitement is an understatement.

With the original almost two decades removed, and with the new film arriving today, there’s no better time to talk about how brilliant the original is. Fresh, fierce and packing one hell of a bite (pun intended), Victor Salva’s tale is as underrated as they come.

So let’s jump into a rigidity rusty truck, play a few license-plate games and head into the “house of pain” as 1428 Elm presents five reasons the original Jeepers Creepers is highly underrated.