Jeepers Creepers: Five reasons the original is a gory underrated gem

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The Horrors of Family

Jeepers Creepers — Courtesy of United Artists

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The original classic follows Derry and Trish, wise-cracking but lovable collage kids, on a rigorous road trip. Heading home during a school break, the two unfortunately run into one of The Creeper’s 23-day feeding cycles. And as we know, one of them is the apple of The Creeper’s eye — fate is a cruel mistress sometimes.

One of the strengths of the original film, the two leads are strongly written. Expertly brought to life by Justin Long (giving one hell of a performance) and Gina Philips, Salva writes Darry and Trish perfectly as wholly realized people.

With banter perfect for siblings having a life-long history, these characters shockingly feel real. They could be you or people you know. Which, or course, makes it all the more terrifying when something bad happens.