Jeepers Creepers: Five reasons the original is a gory underrated gem

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Salva Scripts The Scary

Jeepers Creepers — Courtesy of United Artists

One of the best scripts ever produced, Victor Salva structures Jeepers Creepers perfectly. Adhering his script to the three-act structure perfectly, like a deadly cinematic architect, Salva follows all the rules. There’s a way to build a narrative and Salva understands this perfectly.

The screenwriter/filmmaker introduces his characters, making us instantly adore the two, and before you know it, the second act begins. The second act of any story should, while not most important, should be the most robust. It’s not long before we meet and get to loving the two crazy collage kids Salva give us — beautiful framed for The Creeper and his trusty truck to feast.

The film eventually moves briskly to its final moments. Speaking of the ending….