Jeepers Creepers: Five reasons the original is a gory underrated gem

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A Perfect Way To End

Jeepers Creepers — Courtesy of United Artists

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At the end of Jeepers Creepers, the cops, Derry, Trish and Jezelle are all fighting for survival in the local police station. No match for The Creeper’s gargoyle-like abilities, the beast eventually takes Derry — he’s had an eye on him.

The film ends beautifully as the villain wins, accomplishing what he’s been setting out to do the whole time. What makes Jeepers Creepers’ climax so amazing is, not only does the villain refreshingly win, but the last shot is breathtaking. Against Derry’s screams, the camera begins traveling thought the dark dingy new home of The Creeper.

An amazing tracking shot, we eventually land on The Creeper “working” at his desk. We see the body of Derry, dead and without eyes. As the title song plays, the camera goes close on Derry’s eye holes and then boom, The Creeper’s “new ” eyes (wink, wink) come up behind Derry’s hollowed head…simply stunning.