Jeepers Creepers: Five reasons the original is a gory underrated gem

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The Madness of Louis Armstrong

Jeepers Creepers — Courtesy of United Artists

While there are a multitude of reasons Jeepers Creepers is an underrated gem, the film’s title tune is further proof the movie is more than terror.

Signaling something bad is about to happen, the Louis Armstrong sang song is a touch most horror movies miss in attempts to display originality. When, if ever, have you seen something like the use of 1938 classic in Salva’s film?

For a solid example, look at the scene when The Creeper jumps atop the cop car, beheading the officer before devouring his tongue. Using an updated version of the song, the scene utilizes the classic tune to illicit tension as Jezelle’s already told us the song means bad things are about to happen…..damn do they ever.