Ash vs Evil Dead: #bringbackboomstick chants greet Bruce Campbell


Ash vs Evil Dead was the thrust of Bruce Campbell’s question and answer session at his Hail to the Chin signing at Barnes and Noble in Sacramento, California. Campbell was on fire discussing the threat of cancellation because of illegal downloading. #bringbackboomstick was the battle cry and it was heard!

“That was nothing. But that’s how it always begins…very small.” – Egg Shen (Big Trouble in Little China)

Hail to the Chin

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Ash vs Evil Dead star, Bruce Campbell on his Hail to the Chin book tour, recently stopped at Barnes and Noble in Sacramento. Before signing books, Campbell did a quick Q & A with the audience.

Between questions about doing Bubba Ho-Tep 2 (the answer is a resounding NO, everyone) and other hi-jinx, he was intent on delivering a strong message to AVED fans.

Right at the get go, Bruce was asked by a fan, “When is Ash going to get some sugar?” Campbell replied, “February 25th on STARZ.” He immediately asked, “Who has the STARZ app?”

As the crowd clapped and whistled, he continued, “4/5 of you can kiss my ass! Oh, why did they cancel Ash vs Evil Dead? Where did that show go? Right up into the air.” Although he was being his usual sarcastically humorous self, the underlying message was loud and clear.

“You know what? Hey, you slackers out there. Ash vs Evil Dead is one of the most illegally downloaded shows!” He playfully flipped off the audience. “Why did it get canceled? Because you are all loyal criminals.”

Along with everyone on the show that we’ve spoken with, we at 1428 Elm have been doing our part to try and curtail this phenomenon by incessantly writing about it, taking part in the media blitz on STARZ, and encouraging everyone on the legal ways of viewing the show.

Banging Our Heads against a Wall

Ash vs Evil Dead – Courtesy of IGN

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We even made a video about it! Yet, daily, I personally find myself at odds with fans who think it’s okay to commit a felony and then be vocal about it. When I point out that because of their illegal activities they may cause an end to the show they love so passionately the answer is always, “I’m poor. I can’t afford it. This is MERICA.”

I am dead serious. That was a response I received just last night. First of all, if you are illegally streaming AVED, why in the world would you call attention to it? By going around and proudly displaying that as a badge of honor, you are pretty much shouting to any potential law enforcement person online, “HEY! HERE I AM. LOOK AT THE STUFF I’M DOING!”

Not wise. By continuing to participate in this type of activity, you are not only killing the show, you are also depriving loyal fans of AVED who PAY for their services the right to be able to watch the show. What will it take? When the show gets cancelled, then what?

Let’s Go!

Ash vs Evil Dead – Premiere Date – Courtesy of Lionsgate

I am prepared to get called sanctimonious, etc. That is fine. I am but that’s because I want to educate people on how pirating is a ratings killer. Bruce Campbell has explained it over and over again. I’m sorry but everything he says is true. He is the executive producer of the show, what makes you think sitting in your basement being an armchair network suit that you understand what’s going on?

Bottom line is this, if you watch illegally, STARZ has no way of knowing that you are viewing the show. You don’t count! When they pull the numbers, because you haven’t SUBSCRIBED to the service or an appropriate vehicle for that service, it looks as if no one is watching.

The end result is no more AVED. No more AVED, guess what? The potential for a movie goes down exponentially. Now, it could happen but why would you invest major dollars in a project that failed as a TV show? Sure, Star Trek turned into a successful franchise but that was almost 40 years ago — the business climate has changed.

Someone said, after I pointed this out in another article, “Well, they can just get all of Bruce’s fans and people on social media and that will justify making an Evil Dead movie so you don’t know what you are talking about.” Fine.

Maybe I don’t. Maybe you do. So, if you add up all of Bruce’s followers on Twitter, Facebook, Fan Clubs, etc. is that going to be enough to show the studios that Evil Dead 4 is worth the capital? That is no disrespect to Bruce, Sam Raimi or Rob Tapert. It isn’t like 1979, where you could make a movie on a shoestring budget.

Bruce Explains It All

Ash vs Evil Dead – Ash – Courtesy of Lionsgate

An audience member asked Bruce what his next directing project would be. Campbell answered, “When you find out, let me know. I’m waiting for Ash vs Evil Dead to run its course, four or beyond…. but you’re not downloading enough of AVED.”

At this point he was interrupted by several outbursts in the audience of, “Bring back boomstick!” Some of the people participating in that chant were Bruce Campbell Fan Club members Helen Chiz Chisum, Jeremy Johnston, Nicole Simon, Kevin and Barbara Simpson, Kevin Belcastro, Jenn Marrow, Ron and Abby Fagan of Bruce on the Loose podcast. Bruce replied to her jokingly, “Hey, Boomstick Biatch!”

This is where he went into the Campbell Method for getting the show legally:

  1. Go to the STARZ app for 0 money.
  2. Watch two seasons of AVED for 0 money.
  3. Delete the app.

“Now, you’re cool again! I’m sorry it’s so hard for you people to find Ash vs Evil Dead.”

For Our Friends in Other Lands

Recently, since I am involved with the social media side of #bringbackboomstick, I tweeted a post on where Canadian fans can get the show other than Superchannel.

There is even a way that people living in Canada (Quebec is non-applicable) can get the Amazon Prime Free Trial:

If you are living in the UK and want to see the show, it is available on Virgin Media Online. Since #bringbackboomstick has been in full swing, so many legal viewers in other countries have reached out and told us how they obtain their services. You can also watch it through Droid as well. STAN in Australia carries AVED.

The #bringbackboomstick Files

There are ways to obtain the show, and if you do so through the proper channels, that will go a long way in keeping the series on the air for not only a fourth season but perhaps a fifth as well. If you would like further information, please go to where you can sign the petition from Carlos Mazal.

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Bring Back Boomstick Community is on Facebook. Remember to continue #bringbackboomstick on whatever social media you are on. This is a commitment and will take quite a bit of effort to get STARZ and Lionsgate to notice what we are doing.

There will be another STARZ media blitz forthcoming. Stay tuned for details via Twitter and Facebook. If all of the fans stick together and do the right things, AVED may just get that fourth season renewal.

Remember Ash vs Evil Dead is on STARZ, February 25th at 9 PM. You can catch Bruce Campbell’s tour schedule for Hail to the Chin on Order his book at and keep up with him on Twitter @GroovyBruce. He’s also on Facebook as well.

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Do you watch AVED on STARZ? Are you aware of #bringbackboomstick? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!