Unsolved Ruth Price murder committed during terrifying 911 call


Real life is scarier than any horror movie in my opinion. Proof of that can be found on Twitter @HorrorBible. At 1428 Elm we look into a chilling 911 call made by an elderly woman named Ruth Price. What transpires is something more terrifying than any Freddy or Jason film.

“Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.” – Baltasar Gracin

Real Life Horror

I have always been fascinated by true crime. A devoted reader of Ann Rule, I have an insatiable curiosity about the inner motivations of murderers and serial killers. Morbid, maybe but the psychology of my fellow man has always been of interest to me.

Let’s face it real life is more terrifying than any slasher movie. Evil usually wears disguises. It can appear in the form of a friend, a neighbor or a stranger knocking on your door. Unfortunately, for an elderly woman named Ruth Price she was about to come face to face with someone with sinister intentions.

What seemed like an ordinary day for Ruth was about to get decidedly darker. After an odd encounter with a man inquiring about her apartment for rent, Ruth was spooked enough to call 911.

Something seemed off about the gentleman so she became unnerved. First the stranger said he was looking for a guy. Then he asked Ruth about her apartment.

When the 911 operator asks her if she knows where he is, she replies, “I don’t. I have no idea.” After she answers, you can hear something hit the receiver. This is when the horror begins.

Ruth starts screaming for her life. If you listen closely you can hear her say, “Help me God!” There is a very definite struggle taking place. Then she asks someone to “Help her breathe!”

From there things get worse. A scuffle is clearly heard and then Ruth is gagging. The bone chilling silence at the end is frightening.

Reddit Weighs In

Apparently, the good people of Reddit have determined that this call is a fake. Their reasoning is because in two sources her murder was called a beating or a stabbing. However, a public safety officer in Florida had something to say about Ruth’s unfortunate demise.

“This phone call is used as a training exercise for 911 dispatchers to illustrate the importance of stating, ‘911. What is your location?’” The officer goes on to say that the call was presented in class as “100% real.”

Unfortunately, despite extensive research, no documentation seems to exist about this incident which leads people to doubt its credibility. Some non-believers state that Ruth was an excellent voice over actress. Others claim that the phone call is too unsettling to be fake.

You be the judge. Listen to the call. I will warn you. It is extremely disturbing.

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What do you think? Is this call real or fake? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.