Z Nation revisits the undead, matrimony, and faith


Get your fill of the undead here at 1428 Elm by joining us for our bloody good recap of Z Nation’s Season 4 episodes 6, 7, and 8.

Episode 6: “Back from the Undead”

After fighting for their lives in the last episode, Murphy (Keith Allan) had been bitten by a zombie. No longer an anti-virus carrier this spells trouble for him. As the group arrives in Eerie, Indiana he is beginning to die. They stop at a bio-lab and while Lucy (Tara Holt) takes care of her father, the others wander off to investigate.

They make some gruesome discoveries; there are body parts in cases and Petrie dishes, and notebooks filled with images of melding people together. Roberta Warren (Kellita Smith) comes across a mysterious canister and somehow through her visions knows how to access its locked cabinet.

Then the trouble begins when they run into a huge Franken Zombie, who attacks them with hulk strength. Finally, as he turns they find a human meshed into his back, Dr. Caligari (Jason Pead) who created the monster. He is begging for mercy from his self-made prison.

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When they go back to Murphy and Lucy, the come to find the worst possible news. One of them had died, no spoiler, watch to find out.

Episode 7: “Warren’s Wedding”

This one felt like another filler episode. They come across a carnival of drug-crazed clowns. Thinking they are aiding a woman in need they get pulled into insane games of chance or death. Eventually, with the help of a zombie mob, they escape and continue their journey.

Episode 8: “Crisis of Faith”

The gang crosses the Canadian border and they pay homage to us (yes, I am Canadian) with our vernacular, hockey players, and zombies portraying Bob and Doug McKenzie, our famous comedy duo. I felt this episode is the turning point back to the humor and quips that the Z Nation fans love.

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After being attacked on all sides they run into a church to hide. There they find a man named Louis (Andrew Highlands) who is seeking the finger bone of St. Theresa, which is believed to heal the sick.

They tag along into an underground crypt, looking for another way out and help him open the stone coffin. They did not find what they were looking for underground and there is no escape. They think they are trapped until the zombies up above get themselves tangled in the bell ropes and the sound draws more zombies to that area.

The group slips out of the tomb only to stumble across a dead child, who happens to resemble a young Lucy. She is holding a relic, which happens to be the piece holding St. Theresa’s finger bone. Louis trades the group a battery for the relic. They place the battery into their transmitter and hear Kaya (Ramona Young) calling for help from Camp Northern Light.

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Hope renewed the troupe head off on a new Mission.

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