Zombieland and Ash vs Evil Dead horror twins? You betcha!


Recently, I revisited Zombieland and was struck by the similarities to Ash vs Evil Dead. Don’t believe me? Let me plead my case!

“Time to nut up or shut up!” – Tallahassee

Tallahassee vs Ash

Zombieland and Ash vs Evil Dead – Courtesy of STARZ and Lionsgate

While I was watching Zombieland the other day, it became very apparent to me that this film paralleled Ash vs Evil Dead. Now, I have seen the movie many times. However, on this viewing I started to see some striking similarities to Ash vs Evil Dead.

One thing is the dynamics between both groups. Woody Harrelson who plays Tallahassee is a shoot first think never guy like Ash. His favorite saying is “time to nut up or shut up!” That sounds like something Ash would say before going into battle with Deadites.

Not to mention the fact that Tallahassee is a simple man who is on a quest to find Twinkies. Bruce Campbell’s Ash is another man with basic needs. At this point in Ash’s life all he wants to do is go to bars right before last call and find a chick to bang in the bathroom.

Harrelson’s character is a loner like Campbell’s character. However, when Harrelson meets up with the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse, they form a dysfunctional family just like Campbell’s Ghostbeaters.

Tallahassee is also skilled with various weapons. Like Ash, he wields a chainsaw. He is also pretty skilled with a shotgun.

From being alone for so long and fighting zombies, Tallahassee doesn’t have a filter. He is younger than Ash but both men say what is on their minds even if it isn’t politically correct.

Tallahassee has also lost the one person that he loved the most, his son Buck. Ash has the same circumstance. He killed his beloved girlfriend, Linda not to mention his friends.

Columbus vs Pablo

Jesse Eisenberg’s character of Columbus is a young guy who is a gamer nerd. So is Ray Santiago’s Pablo Simon Bolivar. Remember he created Ash’s new hand out of some video game console accessories and Erector Set parts.

At first, Columbus is unsure about Tallahassee but he can see that in his own way, he is a Jefe. He feels by teaming up with him, he will be safe. Columbus is also impressed with him just like Pablo who looks at Ash in the same light.

Ray’s Pablo questions Ash’s behavior at times and Eisenberg’s Columbus does the same thing with Tallahassee. Another thing the two have in common is their love for the girls of their dreams. For Pablo, it is the tough girl he works with Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo).

Columbus only has eyes for Wichita (Emma Stone) who is also another chick with attitude. In addition, Columbus has lost his family and Pablo has also lost his closest relative, his Brujo uncle that raised him.

Wichita vs Kelly

Emma Stone as Wichita is one bad ass girl who has a penchant for boots and a leather jacket. Sound familiar? She also rocks the dark hair and makeup like Kelly Maxwell. Both women share a fearless attitude.

Like Kelly, Wichita says things without thinking and sometimes hurts people. There is a sexual tension between Kelly and Pablo which matches Wichita and Columbus. Just suffice it to say that both “couples” find themselves in situations that force them to be together.

Kelly sometimes finds herself at odds with Ash. Wichita also finds herself having a rather combative relationship with Tallahassee.

Little Rock vs Tallahassee

The funny thing about this affiliation is it mirrors Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and Ash’s. Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and Tallahassee find themselves arguing constantly. Case in point, Little Rock pulls a gun on Tallahassee much like Ruby is constantly putting Ash in his place.

What is interesting, their relationship grows into a grudging respect for one another. Tallahassee teaches Little Rock how to hit her target when she shoots her rifle. Much like Ruby wants to kick Ash’s ass, she realizes that she needs him despite her personal feelings.

Tallahassee is almost like a big brother to her. One that constantly teases her but if she is in danger will come to her rescue. Ash does the same thing for Ruby.

I strongly believe that Zombieland and Ash vs Evil Dead are horror twins. Although they fight different entities, they have a common goal to save humanity. They both manage to do so with humor. That is why they are classics in their own right.

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