Z nation Season 4: All the way to The Black Rainbow


Season 4 of Z Nation has concluded on Syfy, and we are looking back at the final four episodes of the season with some thoughts and musings.

Season 4 did a full circle with a few of the original Operation Bite Mark crew backtracking across the country to solve General Roberta Warren (Kellita Smith) mystery of the Black rainbow,

Episode 9  — We Interrupt This Program

They stumble into an old TV news station. It’s filled with the old news crew zombies, and we are delivered into a flashback situation, and some fun with TV and Zombies.

Episode 10 — Frenemies

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The gang runs into Sketchy (Mark Carr) and Skeezy, (Doug Dawson) their old mistrustful pals from the past. When everyone takes refuge from a weird bubbling zombie goo, they encounter a Sweeney Todd experience.

We finally get back to the meat of the show in…

Episode 11 — Return to Mercy Labs

Here they find Dr. Tellers’ (Michael Berryman) son trapped in amber and somehow still alive. Warren seeks out some canisters that she believes will help her stop the Black Rainbow. When over the airwaves they hear from Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) and Kaya (Ramona Young). However, their radio is dying, and the only way to get more juice is to mercy the boy in the amber. Upon mercying him, Citizen Z announces that the Black Rainbow is a fourth strike weapon and they must do everything in their power to stop it.

Episode 12 and 13 (two-part ending) — Mt. WeatherThe Black Rainbow

The team arrives in Washington, where they break into the President’s bunker, which of course is filled with zombie secret service.  Fighting their way through the z’s they discover the last living, but newly appointed President, Jane Carlson (Ina Chang) who can not help them. They need the thumbprints of the President from before the apocalypse began to open the secret bunker where the fourth strike weapon is held.  Warren wanders off while the troupe slays zombie after zombie searching for the dead president. Alone and still following her vision, she finds him.

On to the Black Rainbow

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With the aid of the Zombie President’s thumbs, they enter the bunker, and Warren remembers where her visions are stemming from. While she was in her coma, Dr. Teller (Frank Boyd) had awoken her and programmed her mind with all the steps necessary to release a zombie anti-virus over the land and free the people.

Knowing she is on the right track, she climbs into a drone and sets up the canisters that she gathered on their travels. A few minutes later, however, she remembers the last time she saw Teller, The Founder (Michael Berryman) of Zona, had shown up. He explained that it was all a lie and she was indeed the catalyst to set off the Black Rainbow that would burn the world to death. Panicked she climbs back into the drone to undo the canisters as it takes off over the desert.

Hundreds of tiny drones release and form the Rainbow of her visions.

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Will this be the end of the world and the end of Operation Bite Mark? Catch up on your Z’s and tune in to Z Nation Season 5 in 2018 to find out.