Freddy Friday: Will we actually see a Nightmare on Elm Street reboot in 2018?


The million dollar question still stands for anxious FredHeads everywhere; Will we see a Nightmare on Elm Street reboot in 2018? And if not next year, when?

We sure do Freddy. We sure as shit do.

For over a year now, rumors have been rampaging the interwebs regarding another Nightmare on Elm Street reboot to make up for the 2010 atrocity given to the world. Granted, Jackie Earle Haley’s performance as the Springwood Slasher wasn’t terrible, but in my honest opinion, and frankly many others’, everything else was.

Most Elm Streeters were pretty displeased with the new direction of the beloved horror icon, and just couldn’t embrace the film. And oh man, they let the whole internet know it too.  Hell, even Robert Englund himself isn’t a fan! When you can’t get the blessing from the man who iconically made a Christmas sweater horrifying, you need to rethink everything in life.

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With such a horrendous backlash, it seemed for some time that we would be stuck with this trash as the last Freddy film, (if you actually acknowledge it at all). And the thought of that is actually kind of depressing given the amount of power the movies have given to the slasher genre. But, much like in the films, Freddy refuses to stay dead and we got word that yet another Nightmare reboot would be coming our way back in 2015. Almost three years ago, then we heard nothing more. What a teaser of the weens, eh?  Until rumors started up again earlier this year, stating that a reboot was on the way for 2018 and the boners began to erect once more…

However, you may want to prepare a cold shower for yourself. Because once again, it seems to be at a standstill.

There seems to be a ton of websites out there with these “Movies to look out for in 2018″ lists, and including the Nightmare reboot in said articles. Well, I hate to be the party pooper of Springwood High but this is just not happening folks. At least not in 2018 anyway.

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Here’s the real deal: Months ago, fellow colleagues at Bloody Disgusting confirmed David Leslie Johnson (The Orphan, The Conjuring 2 and upcoming 3) is still attached to a new Nightmare script and that the film will eventually come to fruition; but not anytime soon as New Line Cinema is primarily focused on the highly popular Conjuring universe and the next IT installment. So Freddy must wait behind Valek and good ole’ Pennywise before he get’s any kind of attention from the studios. Kind of shitty since the icon literally saved New Line from bankruptcy in the ’80s, but thems are the breaks kids.

So henceforth the answer is ultimately, no. We probably won’t see a resurrection of Freddy in 2018. And Robert Englund most certainly won’t return to don the dirty fedora once again, as he’s already made very clear. So where does that leave us in 2018 for NOES addicts? Well, we still have the glorious Nightmare docs to look forward to such as Mark Patton’s Scream Queen film that focuses not only on Freddy’s Revenge, but his own personal struggle in the industry. We also have the glorious Nightmares in the Makeup Chair to look forward to where Englund returns one final time with a full-on walkthrough of Freddy’s makeup procedure. Also, let’s not leave behind the super cool FredHeads doc that focuses on Freddy fandom!

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Aside from these upcoming Elm Street treasures coming in 2018, I can personally say I’m ready for Freddy to have a crack at a reboot again. Stay tuned for any news on that front once it’s announced!