Fact or Fiction: Demon attacks CNN reporter and cameraman on tape


What I am about to recount took place two years ago in Hanover, Pennsylvania. A CNN reporter and her cameraman went to investigate a haunted house. They got more than they bargained for.

“An intelligent haunting is a recorded haunting in which it would seem that the entity is aware of the physical world.” – Movie Pilot

Suburban Secrets

Hanover, Pennsylvania is a sleepy little burg located in the center of the state. I grew up not far from there in a city called York. Oddly enough, I worked there a long time ago.

There is a house. From the outside, it looks like any suburban home. On the inside, it is filled with terrors that seem to have stepped right out of the movie, The Exorcist.

DeAnna Simpson and her family have been living a nightmare. Her story was recounted on the Travel Channel’s paranormal hit, The Dead Files. The haunting is so well known that CNN sent one of their reporters and a cameraman to her house to cover the story.

According to Movie Pilot, the apparitions that live in the house torment family pets, attack the humans and shriek or scream in the middle of the night. Look, I can’t take my meth head neighbors having love spats on their front lawn at 1 a.m.

Dealing with Unknowns

If I were DeAnna, I would have listed the place on the market eons ago. However, as she explained to the reporter, she and her family have lived there for seven years. They want to move but can’t afford to because they wouldn’t get a fair price on their house.

What is crazy, is that the crew actually caught an eerie voice on tape. The voice whispers, “Come here.” If I would have heard that, I would have replied, “No. I am fine where I am. Thanks for the invite.”

As the reporter and her cameraman get a guided tour, a door opens as if on cue. DeAnna asks the entity, “If this is you, shut the door.” Voila! Of course, the door shuts.

During the live broadcast, the cameraman gets scratched by the entity in the house. Simpson applies holy water to the wound. Then the reporter admits that she was pinched and touched.

Even Demons Want 15 Minutes of Fame

One of the hotspot areas for paranormal activity in this house of horrors is the basement. In particular, the stairwell leading into it. While the reporter was upstairs looking around the master bedroom, DeAnna was using her phone to capture orbs.

Orbs can be manifestations of spirits in the material world. They are basically spheres of light. She did capture some of them on film but she also got something far worse. The hand of a demon appears. If you blink, you might miss it.

Personally, all I saw was a black shadow. I am uncertain if it was a hand or not. DeAnna is surprisingly calm for all these Amityville Horror escapades. As a matter of fact, she is rather nonchalant about the whole deal.

The best part of this experience is the picture of the “shadow man.” Sometimes demonic entities manifest themselves as unusually tall shadow figures. According to Simpson, “it was seven feet tall.”

Partying with Pazuzu

If I knew that I had Pazuzu in my basement, first off, I would see if maybe he could do some laundry or change a lightbulb. Another thing I would try to find out is if he is averse to cleaning. On the chance that his answers are no, well, then his ass can get locked in the basement.

Not that it would matter because they can pass through solid objects. I watch shows like A Haunting and I love everything paranormal. Part of me believes that there is evil in this world but usually it exists in other people.

The problem that I have with this story is her reasoning for staying in the house. Sure, I get it that you will probably be struggling financially for a while. However, wouldn’t you rather have to pinch pennies than get tossed down a flight of stairs by a demonic spirit?

It’s not like you can reason with these supernatural beings. You can’t sit down and discuss how you are feeling with them. They don’t care. For whatever their purpose is, they are probably pissed off that they have to live in your realm as well.

So, if DeAnna decides to co-exist with her own personal Eligos, then maybe she needs couples counseling. That might be the way to solve this particular issue.

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Do you think this story is fact or fiction? Do you believe in demons? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.