Ash Wednesday: Best Bruce Campbell Ash vs Evil Dead promos


It’s Ash Wednesday everyone. At 1428 Elm, this is the day where we celebrate all things Bruce Campbell. Let’s take a look at some of the best promos for Ash vs Evil Dead over the past two seasons.

Ash’s platform for president: “He’s running on get out of my face, leave me alone, and I’ll talk to ya when I want to talk to ya.” – Bruce Campbell

Pass Me A Shemp’s

Before we get to the best of Bruce Campbell’s Ash vs Evil Dead promos, I just wanted to give honorable mentions to the Shemp’s ads featuring, Baal, Ruby, her father and Tanya. The reason why these promos are hysterical is because of the situations that lend themselves to needing a beer.

Check out my personal favorite, Tanya. This is the most absurd commercial ever made and this is why it is the funniest.

“Getting caught in a bear trap in the cellar of your professor’s cabin is sure a bad way to start the semester.”

Yes, Tanya! I am afraid that can’t be topped, by anything, ever. You might as well write off the entire year.

Then of course, Professor Knowby’s spot with “Spending months on an archaeological dig unearthing a mysterious book bound in human flesh takes its toll on the body.”

Couple this with the “Great Lakes taste” and this is another darkly humorous ad.

Baal’s promo was none too shabby either. “Building an army of darkness to rule the mortal world, it sure creates a lot of hungry mouths to feed.”

Wait until you see where the beer “cooler” is located.

Ruby, oh my dear sweet Ruby. She is at it again with her devilish conjuring. “Freeing the underworld is serious work. Nothing quenches my thirst like the bold, earthy musk of a Shemp’s beer.”

Are we sure this isn’t a perfume ad?

A Real Man in the White House

“This November, our country needs a real man in the White House. One who looks like Mitt Romney from the waist up but Barack Obama from the waist down. A man who smells like a lawnmower and makes love like a jackhammer.”

Let me get to the polls right now. That is pretty darn descriptive. Although, what exactly does a lawnmower smell like?

Gender Equality

I love the fact that Ash tells it like it is. This man is definitely not a subtle flirt. What really cracks me up about this particular promo is after he mentions “floppy puppies” you hear a cougar sound in the background.

Here is a bit of priceless dialogue. “This November, I ask all the babes who support gender equality to pull my lever.” Nice, Ash. Are you still stringing racquets?

Legalizing Marijuana

In honor of California finally saying YES to recreational use of weed, I have thrown this little gem in. “Where do I stand on legalized marijuana? What was the question? Can we get some pizza up here?”

I mean, come on! Who doesn’t want to party with Ash. I would be so totally into that. Just for the love of God, don’t read any French poetry to me, babe!

Saving the Best Ash for Last

I decided to leave the best for last. A few days ago, STARZ came out with this totally bitchin’ promo that is close to my heart. The 80s were my formative years and this entire ad is like everything that was rad and awesome from back in the day.

You have Kelly looking like a hot vixen from an all-girl heavy metal band. Ash is doing his best to be that rugged, sexy semi smarmy dude that probably has the worst pick up lines ever. Then there is that rando blonde chick who is all about applying her lipstick properly.

Directed by Ted Raimi this video will be on a perpetual loop! One viewing isn’t enough. I don’t know what grabs my attention the most. The Cutting Crew’s “I Just Died in Your Arms,” which was NOT a favorite tune of mine from days of yore.

Or perhaps the way the entire promo is shot. There is something to be said for Kelly’s smoky eyes and Ash’s intense gaze. I like how you only have light on their eyes leaving the rest in shadows. Well, they are mirrors to the soul…

Travel back in time to enjoy this fine piece of work:

Face it, this ad exudes sex from the way the girl pops open the beer and it sprays all over the place to Kelly and the Rando Blonde Chick dancing. While Ash lingers in the shadows watching them approvingly. Remember Don’t think, drink Shemp’s!

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What do you think about the new Shemp’s ad?  Do you have a favorite promo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!