Saw: World’s first Saw Escape Experience coming to Las Vegas!


Can you escape the clutches of Jigsaw’s traps? The world’s first themed Saw escape experience is coming to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Are you ready to play a game?

via Lionsgate

Escape rooms and immersive experiences that force you to challenge your mind and ability to work with others, is becoming more popular than ever in the past year. With various locations of these puzzle rooms popping up all over the country that range from kid-friendly to downright disturbing, it was only a matter of time before we saw a Saw-themed escape experience. I mean, Jigsaw is pretty much the self-appointed horror God of escape rooms, am I right?

Per the press release:

"Egan Productions, creative masterminds behind Las Vegas’ top-ranked haunted attraction Fright Dome, has partnered with Hollywood film studio and global content leader Lionsgate to bring to life the world’s first immersive escape experience themed after the blockbuster SAW films.  SAW is one of the most successful horror franchises ever, grossing nearly $1 billion at the worldwide box office.  The Las Vegas venue is set to open on January 26, 2018."

"‘The Official SAW Escape Experience’ will feature numerous themed rooms where guests will go toe-to-toe with the notorious Jigsaw. After entering what appears to be an old, abandoned meat-packing plant, guests will be plunged into a world of traps and puzzles where they will need to work together to escape not just a single room, but the twists and turns of an entire building. The iconic SAW bathroom scene will be just one of the many highlights along the way, as visitors are put to the test in what has been designed to be an entirely immersive experience and one of the largest escape attractions in the world."

Jason Egan, owner and operator of Fright Dome, has haunted the Vegas strip for the past fifteen years. Turning the family-friendly Adventure Dome located inside the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino dark and ominous after sunset in the seasonal Halloween months, has dabbled in scaring up patrons with the idea off Jigsaw before.

"“Over the years we have become known for having one of the top haunted attractions,” said Fright Dome creator Jason Egan. “Back in 2009 and 2010, I had the privilege of partnering with Lionsgate to base haunted houses on the ominous SAW films, so it was only fitting that when my team began to make plans to launch a large-scale escape experience that we again turned to one of the most popular horror franchises of all time.”"

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The Las Vegas venue is set to open on January 26, 2018. For more information, visit the official website for the escape experience by visiting  In the meantime, you can rent or buy Saw’s eighth installment Jigsaw on Amazon or buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo physical copy out officially January 23, 2018.