Friday the 13th: A look at every official movie poster in the series

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Friday the 13th Part 3

via Paramount Pictures

The official poster for Part 3 incorporates the silhouettes seen in the first two, but adds a three-dimensional twist. This time, the shape is stabbing through a shower curtain directly towards the viewer. Additionally, the logo and font for the title are coming at you as well. That’s because, as the 3D part of the title suggests, the film was the first (and only) 3D film in the series.

In this movie, Jason Voorhees wears the hockey mask for the first time. Paramount couldn’t have known just how iconic this look would become, so it’s nowhere to be seen on the original poster. Once Jason’s new look with his trademark mask takes off, however, the official posters are changed forever, abandoning the silhouettes in favor of hockey masks.