Friday the 13th: A look at every official movie poster in the series

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Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

via Paramount Pictures

The Friday the 13th posters maintain their simplicity when Part V:  A New Beginning would hit theaters in 1985. Though the classic Friday the 13th logo is depicted, Jason’s hockey mask is nowhere to be seen. Nor are there any silhouettes with weapons as shown in the first three. It’s a new beginning for the posters as well, as this one only features text.

This movie isn’t necessarily about Jason Voorhees. It’s more about how his horrifying murders have continued to haunt others, well past Jason’s death. Through both Tommy Jarvis and Roy Burns, we can see how Jason’s evil continues to live on and affect people in different ways, manifesting itself into the minds of others. It’s simple, but it’s ominous, and it still works quite well.

The home video box art for A New Beginning features a white hockey mask with a glowing red light shining from the eye sockets. It’s not the same mask as the one shown in the film, but that’s likely due to Paramount not wanting to give away the look of the new mask.