Friday the 13th: A look at every official movie poster in the series

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Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

via Paramount Pictures

After the backlash A New Beginning  would receive because of it’s twist ending, fans were clamoring for more Jason Voorhees. It wasn’t good enough for many that the man under the mask was not actually Jason, but rather his biggest fan Roy Burns. Based on fan feedback, Paramount ditched plans to move forward with Tommy Jarvis as the new killer in the films, hiring Tommy McLoughlin to bring back Jason Voorhees instead.

To let viewers know that Jason was back, his gravestone is shown with “JASON LIVES” etched into the front. Completing that Jason feel is the large mask in the background, which lets the fans know that the masked murderer they’ve grown to love has returned to resume his never-ending killing spree.