Battling The Boogeyman: Top 5 unsung heroes of the Halloween franchise

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Dr. Loomis is undoubtedly the biggest foe of Michael Myers. But what about the others who’ve helped save lives in the Halloween series? This is for them…

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers — Courtesy of Dimension Films

Throughout the Halloween series, Michael Myers has unquestionably proven one thing — he’s hard to kill. Whether it’s catching the Haddonfield Horror on fire, shooting him a possible six times or some ole Doyle black magic, the former Smith’s Grove inmate seemingly can’t be stopped.

And many have tried. From Dr. Loomis to grown Tommy Doyle, many have put themselves in danger to help the innocent. And while many get the recognition for being savories in Haddonfield, others go unappreciated. Well not on my watch.

With today being Myers Monday, we’re taking a look at five unsung heroes who took fear and made a crusade against it. To the ones who didn’t question their own safety to help those in danger from death by hands of The Boogeyman. Ready to head back to Haddonfield?