Battling The Boogeyman: Top 5 unsung heroes of the Halloween franchise

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5) Ronald “Ronnie” Jones (LL Cool J) — Halloween: H20 Halloween H20 — Courtesy of Dimension Films

Coming in at number five on our list of unsung Halloween heroes is the trusty security guard, Ronnie Jones.

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While not a resident of Haddonfield (Hillcrest Academy is in Summer Glen, California), there are few people as courageous and heroic as H20’s Ronnie. Securing the grounds at the posh prep school — where in-hiding Laurie Strode is head mistress — Ronnie has no real connection to Strode or others at Hillcrest.

But that doesn’t stop LL Cool J from doing any of the following: Trying to reason with John Tate about leaving Hillcrest, subsequently helping John make his date with Molly special, going above and beyond in securing the academy (he could have stayed in that tower), and helping Laurie when she’s about to stab Michael through the heart (maybe should’ve left this one off).

Think Ronnie’s a stand up guy? This next one is willing to die in the name of kindness.