Battling The Boogeyman: Top 5 unsung heroes of the Halloween franchise

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4) Will Brennan (Adam Arkin) — Halloween: H20

Halloween H20 — Courtesy of Dimension Films

Saving souls at number four is the trusty Hillcrest Academy guidance counselor, Will Brennen.

As acting guidance counselor, Brennen is used to the happenings of a high school or private academy. Helping with the problems of others — including kids and staff — solving issues is Brennen’s job. Then again, he never dated Laurie Strode before.

After finding out the truth behind Keri Tate, Brennen could’ve ran for the hills of California. He could’ve left Laurie, John and Molly to fight a losing battle with Michael Myers — that’s not the Will Brennen style. And that’s after he’s been the model boyfriend to Strode.

Instead, Brennen stays to battle and ultimate loses his life protecting the ones he cares about. Sure, his death is one of the series’ best…but it didn’t have to be that way. But don’t worry, third on our list survives.