Battling The Boogeyman: Top 5 unsung heroes of the Halloween franchise

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3) Kara Strode (Marianne Hagan) — Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers — Courtesy of Dimension Films

Mothering our list as the third unsung hero of Haddonfield is Kara Strode.

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As a single mother in a bad situation, Strode already has a lot on her plate. Her father is an abusive asshole, her mother detrimentally submissive, her brother immature and her son withdrawn, Strode has enough problems already — not to mention having Michael Myers as a distant relative.

But that doesn’t stop her from being one of the strongest survivor girls in series history. Kara puts her life on the line to not only protect her son, but to save Steven — the son of a stranger. Not only that, Strode still has the time to hit some college courses and stay strong in a sea of shit that is her life. To me, that makes you the biggest hero of all.

And speaking of heroes. Did someone call 911?