Ash vs Evil Dead: It’s the final test, Jefe… Season 3 trailer hits!


STARZ released the official Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 trailer and it is mind blowing! From Ash finding out he has a daughter, to Ruby and yet another spawn, to Pablo with his Brujo uncle spirit guide, the Deadites are back and it looks epic.

“Let’s go save the world.” – Ash Williams

To Test the Mettle of Man

STARZ issued a press release and the official Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 trailer dropped yesterday!

By now, we know that Ash is a father. We actually get to see Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) up close and personal in this trailer along with her mother, Candy (Katrina Hobbs). Apparently, she was conceived in the back of the Delta and is that really surprising?

Ash is also a businessman running his late father Brock’s hardware store (with the added bonus of the sex toy emporium) making Crazy Eddie style commercials and slashing prices with his trusty chainsaw. Already you can tell this world isn’t going to last.

Sure enough, Candy enlists Ash to help his daughter who is being targeted by the Deadites. Evil is back and she is a bitch. As Ash so eloquently states while participating in a Spidermanesque fight in a sperm bank, “they’re after my offspring, the born and the unborn.”

Be Prepared

Enter Ruby, the ice-cold platinum haired high priestess of the demons. She has spawn of her own but this time in human form. Let’s just say this pregnancy wasn’t by “natural” means. A supernatural war is brewing and it is going to be apocalyptic to say the least.

Pablo, guided by the spirit of his dead uncle Brujo finds his destiny by becoming an all-powerful warlock. Kelly, on the other hand, tangles with a demon who apparently takes over her body (yet again). She can’t seem to catch a break!

In between the carnage and mayhem, there is still time for those famous Ash asides. The best line which leaves the Ghostbeaters and their new addition Dalton (Lindsay Farris) dumbfounded, “How was I supposed to know that all that crazy sex could lead to a kid?” That’s our boy, Ash!

Ash vs Evil Dead – Season 3 Promotional Poster – Courtesy of STARZ – Lionsgate

The Final Countdown

However, things take a seriously dark turn when a gigantic minion from hell rises from the bowels of the earth. While everyone looks on in horror, Pablo tells Ash, “It’s the final test, Jefe.” Final test…could this be it?

Is this the gamechanger? The end to an era? Who will be left standing?

When Ash sets that jaw of his and says, “Come get some,” I will admit, I felt a twinge in my heart. The time has come for him to be the hero that was foretold in the book. Everything comes full circle and every end has a start.

This trailer promises greatness. Fans should be prepared. If this is the last hurrah for Ash and the Ghostbeaters, then from the looks of it, they will go out with a bang and not a whimper.

Catch Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz, February 25 at 9 p.m.

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