Top 5 final girls in horror films (casually killed off in the sequel)

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Sometimes, being the final girl in a horror film doesn’t mean you’re safe, as these five ladies found out by dying immediately in the sequel.

Listen, we get it. Not everyone can survive an entire horror franchise, even if they’ve made it past one movie. Still, it’s always a bummer to see the badass final girl from the film before go out at the start of the next with barely a whimper. What the hell happened between movies?

Let’s look at the top 5 worst offenders of this trope, starting with…

5. Alice Hardy (Friday the 13th)

Every Friday the 13th fan loves Adrienne King’s Alice Hardy from the original film. Though Mrs. Voorhees managed to kill every single one of her fellow camp counselors, Alice wasn’t having it. Grabbing Pamela’s own machete, Alice slices the wicked woman’s head clean off, putting an end to the killing spree. It’s one of the most badass moments in the series, forever making Alice one of the very best final girls.

After killing Mrs. Voorhees, Alice can’t shake the trauma of the massacre. She returns to Crystal Lake, hoping to confront her fears by coming back to the place where it all happened. Unfortunately, Jason Voorhees has been waiting for her return. After distracting Alice by leaving his mom’s severed head in the fridge, Jason sneaks up behind the prior film’s final girl and inserts an ice pick into her temple.

Alice is just the first of many, many Jason Voorhees kills, but it’ll always be the one that irks me the most.