Top 5 final girls in horror films (casually killed off in the sequel)

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2. Jamie Lloyd (Halloween 4 & 5)

When Michael Myers returned to the Halloween franchise in the fourth film, Jamie Lee Curtis was long gone from the series. A new protagonist was introduced in Jamie Lloyd, the orphaned niece of Michael Myers. As a part of Michael’s bloodline, she is the primary target of the boogeyman for two movies in a row. Try as he might, the Butcher of Haddonfield just cannot get ahold of little Jamie.

Apparently, years after the events of Halloween 5, Jamie has been impregnated somehow by the Thorn cult (perhaps we’re better off not knowing those details). Jamie ends up escaping along with her baby, but Michael Myers pursues her, capturing her in a barn. He slams Jamie on a corn thresher, painfully killing off one of the biggest fan favorite characters in the series.

Jamie managed to escape Michael’s grasp for two straight films, only to wind up gutted in a barn. Perhaps it was best that the next entry in the series would start over by ignoring these sequels and bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis. But, that would wind up being a total waste as well…