Stephen King: Law and Order Vampire Squad could become a real thing


Stephen King has a new show idea for Dick Wolf’s Law and Order franchise that may bring a supernatural element.

“I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts.” — Stephen King

In the Criminal Justice System…

According to Gizmodo, Stephen King took to Twitter with an idea for Dick Wolf, the mastermind behind the long-lived NBC franchise, Law and Order. It may seem like he was joking but he isn’t. King thinks this premise could work!

Fans were curious so they asked for clarification on what the show would be about.

To which King responded, “cops hunting vampires.” One enterprising person even came up with the patent Law and Order famous intro for the proposed series:

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Could a show like this feasibly work? I say, yes! In the past, I was an ardent viewer of Wolf’s Law and Order series. I watched every one of them. Then after a point in time, it became ridiculous because it seemed like you turned around and there was another incarnation waiting in the wings.

I almost wanted to come up with an idea myself, Law and Order: Enough Already! However, it’s about time to revitalize that franchise with a shot in the arm. Why not infuse Wolf’s original concept with a bit of the supernatural?

We all know that shows dealing with the paranormal are hot. Look at the longevity of The X-Files plus we also have Ghost Wars, Ghosted and a plethora of reality shows like The Dead Files and A Haunting. So, King’s proposal is something that would capture an audience.

Whether or not hardcore canon loving Law and Order fans would accept a series like that into their fold is another matter.  Here’s to hoping this brainchild of King’s becomes a reality!

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