The X-Files: #DeepState makes me an honorary G-woman

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The other day I received a mysterious X-File from an unnamed source at #DeepState, the upcoming mobile game based on the series. Now, I have a case to solve….cue Mark Snow…

The truth is hopefully out there!

My FBI Gig

The X-Files – Deep State – Secret Communication – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

Well, it happened. I am now an honorary G-woman. This basement office isn’t so bad. I really dig Foxy’s I Want to Believe poster.

It’s pretty quiet so time for me to start trying to crack this case. My mission is to post my findings at 1428 Elm and social media because the other news outlets would just label this “fake.” You know, the Mandela Effect is in full force.

The Facts

The X-Files – Deep State – Request for Further Investigation – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

Special Agents Casey Winter and Dale were the original duo to work this file. The first item I notice is a request for further investigation. Time for a deep dive.

Two grossly mutilated bodies were found in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Parts of this report have been redacted. The victims’ names have been blacked out. It would appear that they came in contact with some sort of contagion.

Apparently, whatever the bodies were contaminated with could create an epidemic. In order to avoid that, the special agent in charge (name blacked out) obtained access to the patient data from Manners Memorial Hospital.

One of them was identified based on evidence and witness testimonies. This particular vic was a volunteer in a study conducted by Hidetaka Mori, MD at the same hospital. The Department of Homeland Security was overseeing the trials that Mori was running.

Several dozens of people were admitted to Manners Memorial possibly to contain an outbreak or escalation of the mystery contagion. A person of interest named Malone could have been “Patient Zero” and was confronted at the airport by Agent Winter.

The origins of this potential bio-hazard remain inconclusive. Agent Winter recommended that the case be investigated further while Section Chief Bowman denied the request.

Flu Outbreak

The X-Files – Lexington Real News – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

Dr. Hidetaka Mori is dead after an outbreak of unknown origin. He is a hero much to the chagrin of the Lexington Real News who feels that something is fishy with the way the contagion was taken care of in a timely manner.

The Witness Interview

The X-Files – Deep State – Witness Interview – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

The witness transcript features Edward Higgins chairman of the local AA chapter that one of the victims, Megan Schmidt, was a part of.

As it turns out, Henry Malone was also a member of that particular AA group. Malone would only interact with Megan and the other victim Peter Miller.

Peter was Malone’s sponsor and Megan was having a relationship with Malone.

Medical Examiner Report on Pete Miller

The X-Files – Deep State – Pete Miller – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

Dr. Maria Rivera conducted the post mortem on Pete Miller. According to her notes, Pete presented symptoms similar to the other victim, Megan Schmidt. Both bodies exhibited gross mutations associated with Hansen’s Disease more commonly known as Leprosy.

The unknown auto immune disorder which afflicted Miller and Schmidt caused their internal and external organs to change uncontrollably. These transformations caused slow and gruesome deaths for the pair. For both individuals to contract this similar affliction is highly rare and seems suspect.

Henry Malone Severe Injury Report

The X-Files – Deep State- Henry Malone – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNextGames

It would appear like Henry Malone was the victim of a horrible accident. He suffered from multiple face fractures, a severe jaw fracture, burns, sternum fracture, diaphragm rupture and multiple tibia fractures.

The report doesn’t state how he got his injuries. Clearly noted by the physician is that he is a good candidate for experimental treatment with no further explanation.

At Manners Memorial, Malone received surgical therapy, reconstructive surgery, a skin transplant and chronic pain therapy. Eventually, according to witness Edward Higgins testimony Henry was scar free.