The X-Files: #DeepState makes me an honorary G-woman

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The Bluegrass Enquirer

The X-Files – Deep State – Bluegrass Enquirer – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

An article ran in the Bluegrass Enquirer about the death of Pete Miller. From a source in the coroner’s office, it looked as if the body was growing new organs on top of existing ones.

The unnamed source went on to say that the government is adding chemicals to the water. Some people adapt, others don’t. Miller wasn’t so fortunate.

Before his body and Megan Schmidt’s corpse could reach the local morgue, the men in black took over the investigation.

Another possible clue is listed on the page in the form of the Daily Crime Crossword. Epidemic Budget Sponsor Connection Shin. Could this be the name of the person who approved of the experimentation on subjects with the mysterious virus?

There are also other clues. “Poets use this word to refer to the sea,” (4 letters) and “Say; nation,” (9 letters). What could this possibly mean?

Manners Memorial Funding Request

The X-Files – Deep State – Funding Request – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

Alisa Wilson the Deputy Head of Research at Manners Memorial Hospital made a funding request for Dr. Hidetaka Mori in the amount of $1,012,525,000. This money is to go toward Substance X research.

Substance X creates artificial skin. The testing process would entail sustainability in extreme temperatures and shapeshifting abilities? Why would extreme temperatures and shapeshifting come into play?

Mori also wanted permission to do further experiments. On what or whom?

National Science Foundation Homeland Security Activities Summary

The X-Files – Deep State – Energy Efficiency – Courtesy of Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games

Agents Dale and Winter did some investigation into Energy Efficiency in Agricultural Infrastructure and found that this particular budget item doesn’t exist!

This means that they were diverting funds for Mori’s experiments with Substance X into a false account. Hiding money in plain sight to continue the research.

The Theory

It seems likely that Mori was working on genetic engineering. In actuality, he was injecting his subjects with alien DNA trying to manufacture alien hybrids. Somehow, he slipped and the Substance X that he was using to create artificial skin mutated into a virus.

Mori contracting the virus was not an accident. Henry Malone was “recruiting” subjects for the program.

Malone was one of the “successful” subjects. He would scout AA meetings looking for specific candidates for the research.

Megan Schmidt wasn’t as successful with sobriety like Pete Miller. Malone would dose Schmidt’s flask with the drug.

Pete needed extra cash flow (dollar bills in stacks on his table) so he submitted to the Substance X trials for pay. He became connected to Mori through Malone.

The Theory Part 2

The multiple mutations that both Pete and Megan exhibited were similar to Hansen’s Disease or Leprosy according to the Coroner. If you recall in Season 3, Episode 10 “731” in the original X-Files series, there was a facility in West Virginia where they were housing their human-alien hybrids.

Some of those hybrids developed Leprosy as a result of their experimentation. This is in line with the symptoms that both Pete Miller and Megan Schmidt displayed.

The case will remain open.

The Experience

I really enjoyed my chance at being part of the X-Files. I have to say #DeepState is going to be a very hot game when it debuts Feb. 6 on Google Play, the App Store and Facebook. The truth is definitely out there!

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