Kane Hodder hilariously shuts down Victor Crowley vs. Jason


Horror fans have been imagining what it’d be like if Victor Crowley fought Jason Voorhees in a movie, but Kane Hodder is here to kill that idea.

Victor Crowley vs. Jason Voorhees? Don’t get your hopes up…

On Feb. 6, Adam Green’s fourth Hatchet movie Victor Crowley will be hitting blu-ray and DVD. To help promote its release, Green participated in a Q&A session over on Reddit, and brought along Kane Hodder — Victor Crowley himself. And together, the two fielded some interesting questions from users.

One thing many horror fans have always pondered is the idea of Victor Crowley vs. Jason. Now, obviously, this poses a certain challenge as to how to pull it off. Hodder’s now established as Victor, meaning someone else would have to play Jason in their encounter (or vice versa). Putting it bluntly to a fan asking about the potential encounter, Hodder echoes these sentiments with his response:

"“A lot of people ask about that. I love the idea but how could I still play both characters? Someone else playing one of them? FUCK THAT!”"

You’ll see no disagreements from me here. Sure, the idea sounds amazing, but how authentic could it feel? To be honest, I’m still getting over Ken Kirzinger taking over the role in Freddy vs. Jason. If you’re going to have Hodder back on a Friday the 13th set, how do you not put him behind the hockey mask? It just wouldn’t feel right, so it looks like we’re at an impasse with Victor vs. Jason.

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Maybe we won’t be seeing Hodder’s two fiercest characters doing battle on-screen anytime soon. But there’s still tons of bloody enjoyment to be found in the newest Hatchet film. Adam Green’s Victor Crowley hits home video on Feb. 6, 2018.