Ash Wednesday: Bruce Campbell-the Evil Dead time capsule exists


An urban legend, a mere flight of fancy, perhaps a marketing ploy but all anyone wants to know is the Evil Dead time capsule real? Bruce Campbell says it is and he tells you enterprising souls how to find it on Fangoria Radio. If you dare!

“Get a chainsaw, a good light and defensive weapons and go find it!” – Bruce Campbell

Thirty Paces

The Evil Dead, is a classic cult horror film that created an iconic director and actor, not to mention a franchise to boot. Every fan of this flick knows the story of the cabin, how it burned down to the ground and all that is remaining is the fireplace. However, do many people know about the time capsule?

Legend has it that buried in the hallowed grounds of Morristown, Tennessee is a box that may contain a code that deciphers the visual meaning of the Evil Dead. No one has found it yet but does it even exist?

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Bruce Campbell confirms that it indeed does exist and he even gives directions on how to find the site. Be warned! “Because these people in Tennessee do not call 911,” Campbell told Fangoria Radio.

He has also mentioned many times before that if you venture to the site, you may get your ass filled with buckshot. If you are an intrepid, adventuring sort and a boomstick threat doesn’t deter you, then by all means, go forth and find that time capsule!

According to Bruce, the time capsule is “30 paces across from the fireplace to where the trap door was.” Buried three to four feet deep, the cigar box wrapped with tape has been lying dormant for over thirty years.

He even spills the beans on what is in the capsule:

  • A burned-out Fresnel light bulb.
  • A piece of “It’s Murder!” beam used to beat the character Linda. This is a u-shaped faux beam sold at Home Depot used to decorate a den’s ceiling.
  • A piece of gaffer’s tape.
  • The code to unlock the “visual meaning” of Evil Dead.

If You Choose to Accept This Mission

If you happen to be the lucky one who finds the capsule without unleashing a Kandarian demon then there will be an added bonus. Bruce says, “If you find it and you unlock the secrets of the visuals of the movie, Sam Raimi will be very surprised if you unlock the hidden meaning of The Evil Dead.”

Well, this writer girl loves mysteries. I think I just might take a weekend road trip to Tennessee. Maybe, just maybe I might be fortunate enough to capture this Holy Grail.

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Would you try to find the time capsule? Could you decipher the hidden visual meaning of Evil Dead? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.