Hit the road with Big Time Books’ 18 Wheels Of Horror


Big Time Books’ 18 Wheels Of Horror is a short story anthology with a little something for every horror fan.

Long haul truckers. They’re like modern day cowboys out on modern day “cattle” drives. There’s almost something romantic about them. When you think about it, without them civilization as we know it would crumble. However there is a dark side to this time honored tradition. Prostitution and drugs, days on end without seeing your family, and the pure loneliness of isolation.

From Large Marge in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to Red Sovine singing the hauntingly beautiful Phantom 309, there has been a long tradition of spooky stories from truckers. In 18 Wheels of Horror from Big Time Books we get to see an even darker side of the life of a trucker. The stories range from the supernatural to psychological.

18 Wheels of Horror is edited by Eric Miller whom also contributes a story titled “Siren”. Every story in this collection is well written, but if I had to choose I think my favorite would have to be “Road Kill” by Jeff Seeman. I could definitely see the stories written in 18 Wheels of Horror being adapted into film or television.

If you consider yourself a horror fan you owe it to yourself to read 18 Wheels of Horror. The book is available on Amazon in every format. For those of you people out there who either don’t have the time or just don’t want to you can get it in audio.

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