A Nightmare on Elm Street: A look at every movie poster in the series

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Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

via New Line Cinema

Though Freddy Krueger was “killed” at the end of Freddy’s Dead, New Line Cinema wasn’t through with him yet. Once the idea of a crossover film with the Friday the 13th series hit the table, the studio could smell the money in the air. The stage was set for the film to finally happen with Freddy vs. Jason, though it would ultimately many years to come to fruition. By bringing back Robert Englund, however, the studio gave the film legitimacy and it could be seen by fans as the final movie of the franchise’s original run.

There’s perhaps no better way to design the poster for Freddy vs. Jason than what we got. Similar to what we’d see in an promo ad for a boxing match, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees give one another a deadly staredown. Freddy’s blades and Jason’s machete making contact in the image give us just a hint of the battle that ensues in the film, and when it hit the video store walls in 2003, there wasn’t any horror fan who didn’t want to see it.