Nightmare on Elm Street: Heather Langenkamp loses son to brain cancer


Iconic final girl Heather Langenkamp recently lost her son, Atticus, to brain cancer. 1428 Elm sends our condolences to the family during this difficult period.

Nancy’s nightmares were nothing compared to this.

According to Dread Central, one of horror’s biggest heroines is hurting. After canceling a convention appearance over the weekend, Heather Langenkamp announced her son, Atticus, has lost his battle with brain cancer. Atticus leaves the earth only 26 years old, the actress’ only son with longtime husband and FX artist, David LeRoy Anderson. He passed Jan. 10.

Here’s what Langenkamp, who’s most know for playing Nancy in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, is saying about the tragedy via the Days of the Dead Facebook:

"“Dear Friends, Colleagues and Fans,I was intending on being with you in Atlanta this weekend but as you know I will not be able to come. Our family suffered a great loss this month. David and mine’s beloved son, Atticus, has passed away from Brain Cancer. Atticus was an amazing human being and we miss him terribly. Thank you for your understanding. I hope to see you all very soon.Love to all,Heather Langenkamp”"

Diagnosed with cancer at 20, Atticus never let his situation hamper his spirit. “He lived with joy and intensity, offering laughter, friendship and an easy smile,” said a loved one to The Malibu Times. A lover of music, calculus and production design, Langenkamp’s only son will be missed.

It’s times like this that make us value every day we get. Tomorrow isn’t promised, hug those you care about a little tighter today. Our thoughts are with the family during their truly difficult time.

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