Charles Manson: Hilary Duff cast as Sharon Tate in new Manson family film


The Haunting of Sharon Tate has made a huge casting announcement. Former teen pop sensation and actress Hilary Duff will be playing the role of Shannon Tate.

Charles Manson is turning into big money for Hollywood…

It would seem Tinseltown’s sudden fascination with Charles Manson and his satanic murderous cult continues. Quentin Tarantino is reportedly working on a project about Charles Mason as well. Charlie Says is another separate project in the works. The casting announcement caused a huge media stir with stories being done on the announcement by Deadline, Bloody-Disgusting, the Daily Mail and Dread Central.

The Haunting of Sharon Tate will tell the story of Sharon Tate through her own narrative. According to Deadline, the plot will take place in the days which then end in the murder. Some plot points revealed in the article point to an interview Tate gave shortly before the murders.

Tate alleged that the house she shared with Polanski’s haunted and she also envisioned her own murder at the hands of a satanic cult in her dreams.  Jonathan Bennett of Mean Girls fame and Lydia Hearst round out the cast.

With the death of Charles Manson in 2017 and with 3 projects in the works, I predict “Manson” fever will continue for the foreseeable future. The Haunting of Sharon Tate’s premise sounds interesting at least and Hilary Duff as Tate is an interesting casting choice. One can only wait and see if Duff pulls it off.

Charles Manson

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Most people are aware of the “Manson Family” murder of Sharon Tate. But for those who don’t, let’s take a quick step back. Sharon Tate was a young and promising actress. The stunning 26-year-old actress, was married to filmmaker Roman Polanski.

The murder took place in early August of 1969. On the orders of Charles Manson, the murders were carried out. After forcing entry into the house, the group of 4 murdered Tate. Tate, unfortunately was 8 months pregnant. The “Manson Family” members also killed 4 others in the home.

The murders of Tate and others appears to stem from a problem Manson had with the homes previous tenants. Previously the house, which now belonged to Tate and Polanski, used to belong to Terry Melcher. Melcher was a record producer in California who helped influence ’60s sound.

Melcher was introduced to Charles Manson through Dennis Wilson, a member of the hit group The Beach Boys. Manson was a failed musician.  But now he had the ear of a prominent record producer. Melcher was initially interested in recording some of Manson’s original music.

It’s reported that Melcher was also interested in making a documentary about Manson and his commune of strange followers. Eventually the project fell through and Melcher cut off ties with Manson. This of course angered psychopathic Manson.

Roman Polanski at the crime scene. The word “Pig” is scrawled on the door

Shortly after Melcher moved out of his home, he turned it over to Tate and Polanski. Most in the Tate murder investigation believed the target was specifically the house due to Melcher having previously lived there. Sharon Tate and friends were the unfortunate victims of a revenge killing not even involving them.

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Fascinated by the “Manson Family” murders? Looking forward to The Haunting of Sharon Tate? Let the other horror heads know what you think in the comment section below.