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We’re revisiting SyFy’s Ghost Wars, Season one, episodes four, five, and six. This is where we discover more than ghosts…

Episode 104: The Exorcism of Marcus Moon

Ghost Wars continues to branch off into all things occult with a child possession in this episode. The mortician Sophia’s (Sharon Taylor) son, Marcus Moon (Chance Hurstfield) begins acting strange, playing with dead bodies and quoting bible passages. Worried, she takes him to the doctor who deems him healthy, so she lets his weirdness pass. That is until suddenly Marcus is hanging from the wall.

There is an undercurrent of history at play when she freaks out on Reverend Dan (Vincent D’Onofrio) and then has a change of heart asking for an exorcism on her son. Which the Reverend performs successfully. Sophia thanks him with a rather generous kiss, and quickly regrets it – strange attitudes all around.

Her tune changes the next day, however when Marcus dies. Now she blames Reverend Dan.

There is a lot of abrupt scene changes, with some creep factor that never amounts to much. However, they keep us hanging with hints of more to come.

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Episode 105: Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie

In this episode, we learn how Roman Mercer’s (Avan Jogia) ghost girl Maggie Rennie (Elise Gatien) died, and why she hasn’t been able to move on. Her father is the local handyman, and the one who hates Roman the most. Maggie convinces Roman to go and talk to him on her behalf, promising she’ll tell him more about the evil hauntings. Well, the story has to move forward somehow, so he agrees. After a few fumbled attempts Roman finally gets Doug Rennie (Meat Loaf) to listen to him and convinces him Maggie’s ghost is there, and that she’s worried about him and loves him.

With renewed happiness, Doug throws a party, not unlike the one he was having the night Maggie died. Roman shows up with his ghost girl in tow, and as she’s about to disappear into the ether, a memory floods back and the man who murdered her is in the house. Through sheer hatred, she carves guilty into his chest. Then as promised she tells Roman the evil ghosts can’t be reasoned with.

I don’t know how disappointed by that answer Roman was, but it certainly fell flat for me.

Episode 106: We Need to Talk About Abigail

This episode focuses on Mayor Val (Luvia Petersen), her skeptical girlfriend Marilyn (Kristin Lehman) and the always good for spook factor, twin girls, Abigail (Sarah Giles) and Isabelle (Allison James). As the adults go off to their day jobs, the twins are left to the babysitter who sees a drawing of herself stabbed in the head, yet she goes about the day as though nothing is amiss while the girls go off to play.

The scenes are short and choppy as we jump from the twins to their step-mom, the skeptical Doctor, tending to an isolated old woman. There seems to be not much point to this until the ending of the episode where the doc smells rotting flesh. No spoilers, but she finally see’s what’s happing in Port Moore and believes.

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During this time one of the twins runs off into the woods, chasing the ghost of their dead friend Marcus Moon (Chance Hurstfield). When a search party is sent out for her, they find a weird pulsating sack, surrounded by dead animals. They pull the girl from the growth and take it to the scientists at the lab. The scientists seem to think it’s an amniotic sack. Something was gestating the child. Finally, home and resting, Val asks Roman to check her girls and see if they are possessed by a ghost. Of course, one of them is, but which one?

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