Top 5 fictional females from 2017 horror movies


We’re looking at the top five fictional females of 2017 horror movies and thrillers that stand out as the genre’s top performances of the year.

The Oscars are almost here, and though some will disagree, many varied performances will be lauded when the night arrives. This year marks a significant change in the usually stuffy awards show — the inclusion of an underrated, underappreciated genre with a spotlight on several 2017 horror movies. Get Out is nominated for best movie, including Daniel Kaluuya for best actor, and most notably, Jordan Peele for Best Director. The movie with the most nominations can also arguably be called a horror movie (though some may disagree with that).

While these performances are all stellar, it also brings to mind some of the other, more underrated performances of the year. The ones from huge movies who didn’t necessarily go unnoticed, but maybe a bit unrecognized. They just happen to be some of the best, if maybe unexpected females in all of our 2017 horror movies and thrillers. Some were big hits, others less acclaimed. But all these females in horror movies do have one thing in a common; a performance worthy of a first, or second look. In a year when the woman’s role is being redefined, and newly expressed, these women are taking that notion and bringing it to another level in each of these roles.

Let’s look at the the horror genre’s top 5 fictional females from 2017.

5. Michelle Pfeiffer as woman in Mother!

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Pfeiffer’s role in the divisive Mother has been called a lot of things. But regardless of what the role really stands for, it’s clear that Pfeiffer’s powerful portrayal is undeniable. There is a strength and suspiciousness she brings that we’re not used to seeing in the actress, and yet welcome its arrival here.

4. Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh in IT

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Part of the charm of the biggest horror movie last year is its ensemble cast. A group of talented kids reminiscent of another recent, well received, young cast right down the child actors. But while the mostly male gang fights against Pennywise the Clown, it’s the female who stands out as a force to stop him. Beverly brings a quiet power. One that’s enough to make her a major standout of all the fictional females in horror movies last year.

3. Aubrey Plaza as Ingrid in Ingrid Goes West

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Technically, this one is more of a thriller than a horror movie, but it’s hard to let the award season fully move on from 2017 without noting the brilliance of Ingrid, played both deliciously and devilishly by Aubrey Plaza. Ingrid Thorburn is a diabolical, manipulative stalker who somehow possesses the power to make us feel for her, and even laugh at her jokes.

2. The return of famous horror ladies in cameos

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Scream queens Danielle Harris, Felissa Rose and Christine Elise from Childs Play 2 make noteworthy appearances in horror movies last year. Their role revivals prove that in a world high on reboots, these original females always know best.

1. Carla Gugino as Jessie Burlingame in Gerald’s Game 

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Last year’s Gerald’s Game had a slow burn, culminating in one very intense, excruciating scene. One even hard for a devout horror fan to watch without cringing. Gerald’s Game, based on the Stephen King book of the same name, takes place mostly in one room with one character, Jessie. Our heroine doesn’t have to fight villains, or bad guys, so much as herself and her own will to survive. This badass female is one of the best characters of 2017’s horror movies.

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Do you agree with this list? Which other performances from last year stand out to you? Let us hear about it in the comments below!