Ghost Girl Greetings and Dana DeLorenzo create AVED inspired cards


Celebrating a special occasion where you can’t find the right words? Need to get a card for that Ash vs Evil Dead fan in your life? Well, Ghost Girl Greetings has your solution!

“You’re the Ch-Ch-Ch” – Ghost Girl Greetings’ Friday the 13th inspired card

Getting to Know You

Ghost Girl Greetings is a cool company that specializes in unique horror themed cards. Their Etsy shop is filled with references to such films as Friday the 13th, Scream and AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Both Laurie and Toni are in their own words, “longtime ghoulfriends” who just happen to be Ash vs Evil Dead fans as well. We were fortunate enough to sit these busy gals down for a chat at 1428 Elm about their origins and their latest top-secret collaboration with Dana DeLorenzo!

Behind the Creativity

1428 Elm: I took a tour of your Instagram account and your Etsy shop. As a horror fan and a lover of humorous cards, please introduce yourselves and tell our readers about the genesis of Ghost Girl Greetings. How did the two of you meet and decide to become partners? 

Ghost Girl Greetings: We’re Laurie and Toni.  We met years ago while Toni was managing Hot Topic and Laurie came in looking at horror goodies. We bonded quickly over scary movie culture and have been friends ever since. Of course, we won’t admit how many years ago that was…

This past Christmas we were looking for some unique cards to give to friends. (All of our close friends are movie nerds too, clearly!) When we couldn’t find anything that hit the spot we embarked on this adventure to create our own!

1428 Elm: How do you get your inspirations for these cards? Obviously, movies but what is your process for creating them? Does someone come up with the initial concept while the other writes the copy? 

GG: The inspiration comes from a deep love for movies and Halloween/horror culture. Toni creates the card concepts and Laurie designs but, we collaborate on each part from words to art and even as far as envelope colors and add ins!

1428 Elm: Is it tough to come up with humorous and catchy taglines?  

GG: Surprisingly not. Toni can be a pun machine and when we chat about ideas they just organically pop out.

 It’s about Dana

1428 Elm: One of the funniest cards is your Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th inspired romantic card. “You’re the Ch-Ch-Ch,” is absolutely hysterical. Do you have any issues with studios coming down on you for using their concepts or images? 

GG: Thank you! It made us laugh a lot too. No, we’re really only making unofficial fan art…. that you can also use to say I love you or Happy Birthday.

1428 Elm:  So, you have some exciting news. You are partnering with Dana DeLorenzo, Kelly Maxwell of Ash vs Evil Dead for some greeting cards. These don’t hit the market until March 1. How did you score her? Can you tease some of the line? Are they all love oriented or do you have different themes? 

GG: YES! Dana is literally the coolest! We had chosen her as a powerful icon for Women in Horror month. She actually reached out to us because she’s always wanted to design cards. … These are mainly Dana’s ideas that we are helping bring to life.

We’ve posted a tiny teaser on our social media for little stickers we are including as envelope sealants. You’ll have to wait for the rest 😉

1428 Elm: Any upcoming news that you would like to share? Besides the AVED line, anything else that your fans can look forward to? 

GG: We have literally so many ideas we are bursting at the seams! We both work full time jobs so we have to create in our downtime but, you’ll see a lot more from us. We’re also working on doing some local tradeshows and will share where we will be!

The Necronomicon Seal

As promised, here is the teaser for the upcoming Ash vs Evil Dead line of cards.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Necronomicon Sealant – Courtesy of Ghost Girl Greetings

We can’t wait until March 1 to check out this filthy and fine venture! You can follow Laurie and Toni on Twitter @GhostGirlGrtngs and on Instagram Ghost Girl Greetings .

Catch Ash vs Evil Dead February 25 at 9 p.m. on STARZ. 

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