Why fans are walking away from The Walking Dead?


It would seem since Glenn’s death in the show, fans are walking away from The Walking Dead. We discuss why from a fan’s perspective.

I can remember the first time I ever saw The Walking Dead on TV. I had read a few of the comics before and was SO excited for a zombie show. This was before Z Nation and iZombie. Horror shows were few and far between. I watched it on its premiere night and I remember seeing Rick coming upon that little girl. When she turned around and you saw her face, and THEN Rick shot her, I knew this show wasn’t going to be like anything I had ever seen.

The Walking Dead had balls. It was smart. Sure, it killed off main characters but it was intelligently done. They killed off people that were sure to propel the story forward or make another character grow or evolve in some way. Sophia’s death made Carol into the person she is. Shane’s death changed the tone of the show. Hershel and Beth’s deaths proved no one was safe, even the heart, soul and conscience of the story.

And we, as fans, followed and understood that the heartbreak and loss was part of the journey. But suddenly, everything changed. We were SOOOO excited for Negan to join the show. Fans of the comics speculated and tossed theories and when he finally showed up, we were ecstatic. I think it is safe to say no one is unhappy with Negan and how he’s turned out. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect person for the role. But it was the death of Glenn that turned the show on its head and led fans toward the door.

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While everyone knew it was coming, Glenn’s death after surviving the dumpster incident was difficult. He had become not only the strongest member of the group, but also the conscience, which we all know is a death sentence. But even though we knew it was coming, there was still wild outrage. While I do believe some of it has to do with the actual death of the character, my own personal anger came from how it was done; not the special fx, they were impeccable and true to the comic. I mean the editing.

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Issue #100 is a pivotal issue in the comics and the producers of the show chose to break up the episode, killing the momentum and the emotion of what was going on. They cared more about cheap tricks to try and gain viewers than about the flow of the story. That was their first mistake. Then, after making people wait six months for an answer, they start the season with the death of two loved characters and then, with the energy and momentum high, they just let it fizzle out to nothing.

People got BORED and fast. It was bad decision after bad decision. I know you can’t make everyone happy but when the majority of people who are longtime followers of a show are throwing their hands in the air, exclaiming, “What the actual F*&#??” there’s a bit of a problem.

Now, with the death of Carl, who many believe is the true center and future of the story, especially considering the comics, people are wondering who the hell is making all of these bad decisions. Ever since Scott Gimple took over, the show has changed, and not for the better. With every major decision, the fans get farther and farther away. It’s like a mafia movie and The Walking Dead is in the desert, standing in a hole, shovel in hand and Scott is saying, “Dig deeper!”

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The show is dying, and unlike those who die in the show, I’m not sure if there’s any resurrecting it. I used to never miss an episode. I would disconnect from the world and watch the show with horse blinders on. When TWD was on, people knew not to talk to me. Even up until Negan’s debut. But after that, I will miss entire seasons. I see a dozen episodes saved on my DVR and think to myself, “Yeah I need to watch that….sometime.” There’s no passion for it anymore and for someone who has watched since the beginning, it’s a little sad.

And it’s not how many seasons it’s been on either. I have been watching Supernatural since the first episode and while many were calling for the show’s end, I was and am forever there for Supernatural (#teamDean). I’m not a TWD expert, I don’t have inside information, I realize a show needs to change to stay relevant, and this is purely my opinion.

However, more often than not have I heard someone say that the show’s days are numbered because they are making the wrong choices and are doing wrong by their fans. Now, before someone pulls out the George R. R. Martin card, Game of Thrones is about to end, follows the books and doesn’t have as many seasons under its belt that The Walking Dead has.

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Something needs to change with this show in the right direction if it hopes to last and I say this as a fan that cares about it. Sometimes, the fans DO know better. You can catch up on this season’s episodes on AMC’s website.  Also, check out what Andrew Lincoln said about what it’s like losing another close cast member here.

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC with all new episodes on Feb. 25.

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