Review: Hangman — Filling in the gaps before the noose tightens


Today we’re reviewing the urban thriller Hangman starring Al Pacino and Karl Urban! Read on to see whether this movie will be worth your time.

Games are always fun to play, but trying to guess what another demented individual’s rendition of “fun” is can be daunting. Hangman is that guessing game where the killer carves a letter on the chest of his victims and gives his pursuers a certain number of guesses to solve them.

Guessing Game

Hangman centers around the tale of an unlikely trio of a retired detective Ray Archer, played by Al Pacino, his former protégé Will Ruiney, played by Karl Urban and a tagalong reporter, Christi Davies ,played by Brittany Snow. All of whom have been brought together to solve a series of brutal murders where a methodical killer is sending a deadly message.

Every clue turns into a dead end and every suspect or witness becomes a pawn in the hangman’s game, and no one is safe or off limits. With more bodies than clues and answers, the trio begins to think outside the box, but the closer they get to the truth the higher the stakes become.

Time in solving these hangman crimes is running out. But desperation and unconventional methods have put the trio and the lives of others (especially the ones they try to save), in dreadful jeopardy. The final showdown at the very end reveals the killers true intent and leads to a devastating reckoning.

Hang ’em High

Other than drowning or being eaten alive by a shark while I’m doing the aforementioned, I cannot think of a worse death to endure than being hanged. This film was a series of cat and mouse games between the hangman killer, who seemed to be so masterful at performing the most baffling murder scenarios, it forced the detective on the case to acquire more help. The hangman started his guessing game to get the attention and revenge on the person he felt was responsible for the way his life turned out.

Okay, I get it, sometimes blaming others for our faults or circumstances is easier and less time consuming than placing the blame where it belongs, on ourselves. This individual was no different than any other killer that I’ve seen before. The premise didn’t even seem new, only the faces and the location changed. The only thing more disappointing than the hangman being unable to separate himself from other killers was Pachino’s accent.

Swing and a Miss

I cannot say that I liked or disliked this movie, but it was tolerable. It’s good for a watch or two, but I probably wouldn’t watch this again anytime soon in the near future. Certain movies have that re-watch effect (Friday), that one movie that after you’ve watched it you immediately watch it again. This movie, in my opinion, is not one of those types unless you enjoy mediocrity and disappointment and I do not.

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—Regardless of what I’ve said, do take the time to watch it and form your own opinion, but don’t expect to be blown away, then after that let me know what you think in the comments below. Until then Auf Wiedersehen.