Child’s Play: A look at every official poster in the series

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Child’s Play 2 (1990)

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Two years after the events of the first name, little Andy is now living with a foster family. His mother is presumed insane, as nobody believes her story about Chucky the killer doll. Unfortunately, Chucky winds up being resurrected at the Good Guy factory, and his killing spree continues. Still hoping to claim a new human body, Chucky finds Andy again, and his sister Kyle (Christine Elise) does all she can to keep him safe.

The image on the official poster for Child’s Play 2 is one of the most recognizable from the franchise. Featuring Chucky preparing to slice the head off of a terrified jack-in-the-box, it tells you straight up what you’re going to get. Which is, of course, an evil toy going on a murderous rampage.