Child’s Play: A look at every official poster in the series

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Bride of Chucky (1998)

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Several years would pass before another Child’s Play sequel would come to theaters. After the first three films, writer Don Mancini — who’d been penning the films since the original — decided to take the franchise in a new direction. Chucky’s ex-girlfriend, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) resurrects him, but he pays her back by killing her, transferring her soul into a doll’s body as well. The dysfunctional duo then find a way to work (and kill) together in their quest to acquire new human bodies for both of them.

It’s weird to look back and realize Tiffany didn’t join the franchise until the fourth film. She has since become just as iconic and important as Chucky. Seeing the two of them on the official poster together was just the start of a relationship that has maintained to this day. And the tagline about Chucky getting lucky tips off viewers about how the series was now fully embracing the comedy aspect.