The Summer of Fear: Interview with Summer Of ’84’s Cory Gruter-Andrew


Cory Gruter-Andrew is an up and coming promising actor in the field. He can be seen in Summer of 84, where he plays a child of the ’80s, Curtis Farraday.

If the child actors in Summer of ’84 and IT are any indication, the horror genre is in good hands for the future. Cory Gruter-Andrew is one such actor to keep an eye on.  If you’ve ever wondered how it’s different to film a TV show as opposed to a movie, we got you covered.

Summer of ’84 — Courtesy of Brightlight Pictures

1428 Elm: So, how did you get into acting?

Cory Gruter-Andrew: I began acting about three years ago when my mother suggested an acting summer camp which I loved, and through that I started a theatre course.  My teacher there suggested I got to the open casting call at an agency, so I went and got booked! It’s pretty much all uphill from there.

1428 Elm: If you weren’t acting what would you want to do?

CGA: If I was not an actor I would be very interested in criminal psychology or maybe astronomy, those are two things that have interested me for quite a while.

1428 Elm: Have you always wanted to be an actor?

CGA: No, I only want to be an actor about two years which is when I realized that I wanted to do this for as long as I can.  Ironically, before the age of thirteen I had stage fright!

Summer of ’84 — Courtesy of Brightlight Pictures

1428 Elm:  How is it different filming a TV show as opposed to a film?

CGA: There aren’t too many major differences, but the one that stands out to me the most is when you’re doing a film you have a much more consistent crew and group of people to work with whereas because if it’s or a short time, but if it’s a TV show over a season, the crew and everybody on set can vary, but you can also get to know people better.  I really like being involved with films and TV shows.

1428 Elm: How did you prepare for filming Summer of ’84? Did you watch movies from the era, listen to the music?

CGA: I watched Stand by Me and The Goonies and the whole time we were filming I listened to quite a bit of ’80s music just to get in the spirit you know?  I loved “Private Dancer” by Tina Turner.

1428 Elm: What was your first experience with the horror genre?

CGA: This is my first major encounter with the genre horror in this industry so it’s been very exciting, yes this is my first major role or part in a horror film.  I had a tiny role in My Sweet Audrina, which was sort of a horror.  

1428 Elm: What are you favorite horror films?

CGA: I quite liked IT and a movie I recently watched called 47 Below was pretty good too but my favourite horror film has got to be Carrie  — original and newest version.

1428 Elm: Would you like to be in more horror projects?

CGA: Yes if something comes along I definitely would, horror films are fun to shoot and it’s very enjoyable to see the outcome of them.

1428 Elm: What’s next for you, any projects coming?

CGA: Yep!  Right now I am working on the CBC Netflix show Anne with an E which is premiering for the second season sometime in 2018.

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