Ash vs Evil Dead: Apparently Dead or Kids — what’s the matter with them?

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Back to that damn cabin – Courtesy of STARZ

Back to That Damn Cabin

The Ghostbeaters appear after Ash’s little exchange with Ruby. Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) immediately takes a look around at the hot mess and states, “F*** me! It looks like a snuff film in here.” Ash tells the group that everybody’s favorite skanky demon is back in town.

Dalton (Lindsay Farris) has no idea who Ruby is but after some explaining he states that she has to be killed now. Pablo (Ray Santiago) gets interrupted by the “Naked Lady” who shows him that he has to find the Kandarian dagger at the cabin. He then suggests that maybe sometime they “meet up for coffee or at a clothing store.” Pay attention because the one liners are fast and furious and priceless.

Ash is going to find Brandy so he can talk some sense into her. Meanwhile, the Ghostbeaters head back to the evil mistress in the woods to dig up the dagger.

Home Sweet Home

Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Home Sweet Home – Courtesy of STARZ

Ruby drops Brandy off at Ash’s house. She decides to wait to say goodbye to him. In Cheryl’s bedroom, she starts looking around at stuff. In a nice bit of foreshadowing, pay close attention to the sketch that Cheryl has done. It will come in handy later.

Ruby is going to stir up trouble. For no apparent reason, she has gone to the graveyard to raise the dead. Second chances as she calls it. When the hand comes crashing through the dirt you are wondering what fresh hell is this going to be?

Here is my favorite part. The song of the week is Crimson and Clover as covered by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I truly love the fact that they are using all the tunes from my formative years. However, this song makes sense just like Take on Me and if you listen to the lyrics, it tells a story.

“Ah, I don’t hardly know her but I think I could love her.” “Yeah, my, my such a sweet thing, I wanna do everything.” They basically are Ash’s unspoken feelings toward his daughter.

While she is trying on Ash’s vest and getting ready to leave, she hears a noise. Yes, something is in the house, Brandy. You are going to be in for a real surprise.

Whatever is there is taking a shower. This has got to be the grossest personal hygiene event in the history of the world. Not only is dirt coming off this thing but so is excess skin. Squishy, gooey gory Ash vs Evil Dead goodness.

Papa Bear in the Den

Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Papa Bear in the Den – Courtesy of STARZ

Ash rolls up in the Delta in front of his house. Ever cautious, he senses something is amiss. Before he can enter the living room, he hears and sees his daughter on the couch talking to someone. Imagine his surprise when he sees Brock (Lee Majors) returned from the grave.

While Brandy and Brock are making fun of Ash’s commercial, he is trying to convince her that her grandfather is dead. She thinks he is crazy as usual. After some back and forth, that goes nowhere, Ash asks Brock to come into the kitchen so they can “talk.”

Digging Up the Dagger and Demons

Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Digging up daggers and demons – Courtesy of STARZ

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Back to the woods and the Ghostbeaters are still digging. Pablo stops what he is doing because he is sensing that evil is coming. Kelly locates the dagger. In her verbiage, “S*** is about to get f***** up more so than usual.”

Evil is now speeding toward them and Pablo yells, “Run!” The trio take off in different directions.  Dalton powerslides under the truck and starts shooting at whatever is pursuing him. Next thing you know, in a callback to Evil Dead 2, he is hoisted in the air and hurled toward the nearest tree.

Kelly is looking for her cohorts. She doesn’t find Pablo but she hears Dalton moaning. He is impaled on a tree. Dripping blood, he tells her that Pablo did it. This is Dana DeLorenzo’s moment to shine as she is very emotional about her friend obviously dying before her eyes.

Dalton is also doing his best to convince her that Pablo must die. Kelly refuses to believe that he was the cause of Dalton’s predicament. When Dalton demands the dagger and Kelly refuses he turns into a demon.

Before he can come after Kelly, out of nowhere, Pablo runs into him with the pickup screaming, “Nobody f**** with the Ghostbeaters!” He drives the truck and Dalton into a tree. However, when Kelly runs to the wreck to see if anyone has survived the aftermath of the impact, no one is there.