Devil Makes 4: Rob Zombie begins shooting The Devil’s Rejects follow-up


After teasing a follow-up to The Devil’s Rejects coming, rocker-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie has began shooting the film. Long live Firefly.

Rob Zombie fans, always expect the unexpected…

According to Dread Central, the Firefly saga is far from over. After hinting at a sequel to his modern classic, The Devil’s Rejects, the film is underway. Letting fans know via Instagram, Zombie is calling the follow-up to his 2005 hit 3 From Hell. Again assembling Bill Mosley, Sid Haig and his wife, Sherri Moon Zombie, the news is simply incredible.

Make your deal with the devil and check out Zombie’s Instagram post, where the news first broke, below:

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Need another member? I’m ready to join the crazy crew…..

Mirroring Adam Green’s Victor Crowley in shock factor, it’s almost unreal that we’re getting another film. While I enjoy House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects is one of the best films ever made. With grit in every frame and death never being so beautiful, the film’s a classic of the genre and proof Rob Zombie is a cinematic voice worth listening.

If you’re confused about how a sequel is possible, you aren’t alone. If you’ve seen Rejects (do not tell me you haven’t), you’ll know the three go out in a battle of bullets with local police. But if you watch the film, the dead bodies aren’t shown. So, it’s possible they just sustained massive damage. And If I have to believe they survived so we get another film, consider that a terror trade worth doing.

News is just heating up on 3 From Hell. 1428 Elm is on this beat like a mad music producer, so expect more news as the project is still developing.

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