The Lullaby: The sleeper that fails to rock the baby to bed


The Lullaby is one of many horror films arriving on the scene recently. Is the flick worth your time or is this song a little empty on arrival?

The following contains spoilers. Listen to this Lullaby with caution. Enjoy horror heads.

Leaving home after a heated argument with her mother ended in a consequence that Chloe can never recover from. Chloe returns to Eden Rock a first-time mother and she is ill-prepared and overwhelmed for the task at hand.

In The Beginning

In the early 1900s, Eden Rock was a small Hamlet taken over by the British while the men were fighting for their freedom. Taken over, the soldiers had free reign and did as they pleased toward the townspeople and especially the women. In order to keep the towns bloodline pure and free from outside contamination, the church devised a plan to remedy this sort of ravaging of the lambs.

When the women gave birth, their child was taken away and given to the midwife for cleansing. This practice became part of the sordid history of the town and the more people spoke of it, the more the legend grew. This film seemed to be all over the place for me. You see what’s going on but really don’t understand why.

It’s was like a guessing game. You see Chloe (Reine Swart), in arguments with her mom (Thandi Puren) and think she’s just a selfish teen, but things were much darker than they appeared. But you don’t get that epiphany until close to the end of the movie.

Rising Questions

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Chloe has visions, but she doesn’t know if they are real or just in her head. The hours go by and the more her baby cries, the more invasive and real these visions become. The midwife is haunting her, we don’t know why, but we understand what she represents. From the tone, I got the sense that everyone in Chloe’s circle seems to blame her. Or in some way, insinuating that she was selfish for leaving.

As the movie progresses, the more questions I had, but simply not enough answers. Was it spooky and kinda creepy? Yes, it has its moments. But the way the midwife was used just didn’t fit this film the way it was written.

Either the daughter is going crazy or everything she’s experiencing is just related to the stress of being a young mother. I felt sorry for her because she seems to be all alone. Her mother is no help and the guy she confides in is only trying to get in her pants.

The End Is Nigh

Chloes’ mom insists she sees the town psychiatrist, played by Brandon Auret, to help with her…episodes. I felt he was guilty of something because he just had that cringe-worthy tone about him and it seemed he knew more than he let on, but in all honesty, he revealed very little. There were hints to what’s going on, but everyone was too focused on how distant and erratic Chloe was becoming and continuing to blame her on her choice to leave. She did have her reasons.

If you ask me, Chloe wasn’t the selfish one since nobody took the time to understand what she had gone through. Take the time to see this film you won’t be overly disappointed because you can truly do worse (Thankskilling comes to mind)  also I found that nursery rhyme to be highly inappropriate. But you be the judge and let me know what you thought in the comments below. Until then Auf Wiedersehen. (wf)

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