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The X-Files – Nothing Lasts Forever – Mulder and Scully – Courtesy of Fox

From illegal trafficking of human organs to a dark avenger to a crazy blood drinking, cult this X-Files  episode will have Mulder and Scully confronting their own mortality while trying to solve a series of bizarre murders.

The Quest for Immortal Beauty

The X-Files – Nothing Lasts Forever – Scully and Barbara – Courtesy of Fox

“There’s got to be a morning after.” – Maureen McGovern or Barbara Beaumont

This was one of the goriest X-Files episodes on record. At first, I wasn’t too sure if the story line was going to focus on cannibalism, vampires or some other creepy subject matter. However, it became apparent when I saw people drinking blood that it wasn’t the children of the night, it was actually something far worse.

In Karen Nielsen’s clever script, Nothing Lasts Forever is an apropos title. If you truly think about it, what does last forever? In this life, you are going to age, no matter what you do. It is simply a biological fact of life.

You can stave off the process by exercising and having good habits but a 50-year-old man or woman is not going to resemble a 23-year-old. They are going to look age appropriate unless plastic surgery is involved and in today’s world, that could almost be a given.

This year’s offerings of this popular show are becoming laden with messages. Like the past artificial intelligence episode where people need to de-connect from their devices and start interacting with family members and friends, Nothing Lasts Forever has taken a similar direction.

At every turn we are reminded about those things in life that we can’t change like the fact that we all have expiration dates. It is an unpleasant fact of life but no one lives forever.

Blood Guzzlers

The X-Files – Nothing Lasts Forever – Randolph Luvenis – Courtesy of Fox

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A creepy operation happening in a warehouse seems legit. This is the opening scene of the series. Lurking on the rooftop of the building is a girl who is being hyper vigilant.

After these “doctors” finish cutting open a body and extracting its organs, one of them remarks that they forgot the pancreas. He then lifts it from the corpse, sniffs it and then licks it. Yummy!

Thank heavens that the avenger who we later find out is named Juliet (Carlena Britch) interrupts the party by impaling one of the surgeons. The other cutter escapes. With the organs in their cooler, Juliet decides to deliver them to a local hospital.

Of course, this murder is just bizarre enough to attract Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) to the scene. Right away, Mulder figures that they are dealing with some kind of cult thus showing his expertise to the suspicious local authorities who immediately relinquish the case to the two Feds.

Scully notices right away that there is no liver or pancreas from looking at the cadaver. So, Mulder goes to check his phone to see if any transplants have been done locally. He pulls out bi-focals which Scully remarks upon. Embarrassed because those type of specs are traditionally for “older” people he tells Scully that they are “progressives.”

This little exchange had me laughing out loud because now I finally wear them but it surprised me that Mulder was acting that way. Just another moment to go along with the theme of aging and eternal youth.

Now, the weird scenes in the living room of an indeterminate location happen and they are very disturbing. A young girl named Olivia (Micaela Aguilera) is mixing up a blood smoothie. Mmm. That will get you through a difficult morning.