Freddy Furniture: Elm Street coffee table is dreamy but price is a nightmare


Coffee tables will never be the same after Freddy Krueger starts brewing bloody goodness. Ready to add some fear furniture to your home on Elm Street?

Freddy Krueger is expending his business beyond killing….

According to Bloody-Disgusting, your coffee is about to get bloodier. After killing teenagers for years on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger is getting his own coffee table. From Slaughter FX, who brought you the Jason Voorhees table, the Freddy table is truly something to behold. Featuring the iconic razor-fingered glove, from toy giant NECA, the table costs $1,999. It’s a lot, but this table is what dreams are made of.

Ready to have Freddy become your interior decorator? Check out this dreamy table for yourself:

— Courtesy of Slaughter FX

  • Custom Made Skull feet and skulls inside with Freddy.
  • Morbid Freddy Chest piece, does have button underneath the table so you can hear the kids crying and call out. Quiet with the top on.
  • NECA Steel Freddy Glove replica, can be easily removed from hand inside table.
  • 2 x Plastic ELM ST signs.
  • Has perpex top but also can be removed, some people prefer the tables without the perpex on.
  • Everything is hand painted at SLFX
  • Flashing LED lights, colors change from Red, Green and Blue. Looks amazing at night time.
  • Foam filled with sealed dirt on inside to look all muddy etc.

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Freddy got it wrong….THIS IS GOD!!

If you have the money laying around, we highly suggest picking up this once-in-a-lifetime item. Not only does it feature one of cinema’s greatest killers, this will appreciate like a fine piece of art. If taken car of, selling this in the future should be easy to some deep-pocketed horror fans. Not only that, you’re living room will have a freaking Nightmare on Elm Street table in it. That’s incredible.

Turning dreams into nightmares since 1984, the Elm Street franchise is brilliant in every way. Spanning nine films (if you include the terrible remake), Freddy will forever live in the frights, fears and fantasies of moviegoers everywhere. And soon, those celluloid lovers can watch the films while placing theirs drinks on Freddy’s face. Talk about Nightmare nirvana.

Please visit Slaughter FX for more details and how to bring this baby home.

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